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Members of the World's #1 Pop Band Just Went Bananas For This Restaurant Chain

Sorry, McDonald's.

McDonald's may be the chain they endorsed publicly, but members of BTS, the world's hottest pop group at the moment, were just caught chowing down on another chain's food with genuine gusto.

A new video uploaded to Youtube on Sunday shows the pop stars enjoying a behind-the-scenes lunch during their appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden in Los Angeles. And it seems the K-pop sensations simply can't get enough of Chipotle's iconic burrito bowls.

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"What is this, Chicotle? This is so good, I want to eat this every day," Jungkook is heard saying as he samples the chain's popular menu item for what seems to be the first time in his life. He is soon joined by bandmate J-Hope and the others. The guys make their picks between chicken and steak bowls and dress them with salsas for an additional kick.

The video has so far racked up close to 5 million views and Jungkook's "Chicotle" was heard around the world. It's only natural that Chipotle fully embraced the free endorsement from BTS. The next day the chain changed its Twitter name to "Chicotle" and Tweeted "It's Chicotle from now on," to its million followers. Chipotle also partnered with BTS's biggest fan account @USBTSARMY to give away 7,000 promo codes for free entrees. 

And while BTS's Chipotle shoutout seems organic, the band was paid big bucks last year to promote McDonald's. The amount was never officially confirmed but a Korean news outlet reported that the guys earned $9 million from partnering with the chain on a signature BTS meal, which consisted of Chicken McNuggets and two exclusive dipping sauces.

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