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5 Major Changes You'll See on Burger King's Menu

The fast-food chain has a lot in store for its fans this year—including the return of some adored items.

Burger King is making substantial moves to one-up its fast-food competitors. The chain reported an 8% decline in sales during the end of last year, but is coming back with a vengeance. From improving its food quality to introducing better customer perks and shiny new branding, the burger chain is making a lot of changes. Here's what you can soon expect to see if you're visiting the King.

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Cheesy Tots are back

burger king cheesy tots
Courtesy of Burger King

Cheesy Tots, the signature potato side at Burger King, is back on the menu. This limited-time offer was last available in 2019, so its return to the fast-food chain is extra special. When tater tots with cheese were first taken off Burger King's menu a decade ago, the chain received an earful of complaints from fans. According to People, there's even a Facebook group called "Bring Back the Cheesy Tots From Burger King," which petitioned for their return, and now that they're back, is updating its members about the tots' limited availability. You can finally get them again at any location for $2.

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As is the Sourdough King

sourdough king burger king
Courtesy of Burger King

Another limited-time offer gracing us with its presence this spring is the Sourdough King. Burger King just announced the return of the fan-favorite sandwich on Instagram with a depiction of a quarter-burger patty, topped with smoked bacon and American cheese, nestled between two slices of toasted sourdough bread. The item is available now through April 19, and there's a simple way to score it for free—you have to have a silent G in your name.

The chicken sandwich is getting a makeover

burger king chicken sandwich
Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King announced last month that it's done with serving a subpar chicken sandwich. It's turning up the heat on the competition by upgrading its chicken filet. In development since 2019, the new filet will be hand-breaded, crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The sandwich isn't on the menus yet, but will be available in both a classic and a spicy version at all Burger King locations later this year.

Food wrappers have a new look

burger king new packaging
Courtesy of Burger King

If you haven't yet eaten at Burger King this year, you'll come across a pleasant surprise when you do: The brand's food packaging has undergone a fun refresh. The chain debuted a new logo and food wrappers in January, and according to an online survey, customers prefer its new retro aesthetic to a similar packaging redesign recently unveiled by McDonald's. While the new wrappers will likely have a positive impact on sales at both chains, it must feel good for Burger King to beat out their main competitor.

There's a new, better way to get freebies

burger king logo on smartphone app

Burger King has begun testing a new loyalty program, and all you need to do to participate is start (or continue) using the chain's mobile app or website to place your order. The Royal Perks, as the rewards program is called, allow customers to earn points for every digital order—even delivery. The points, aka Crowns, are then redeemable for freebies across the whole menu without limits (a feature that's highly sought-after, based on customer feedback). Other standout perks include double points on all orders through your birthday month.

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