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This Beloved Coffee at Costco Is Being Discontinued

Go get this huge bag now! It's about to disappear.

Calling all coffee lovers: our favorite warehouse chain has some of the best roasts in sizes fit for making as many cups as you want. But if your favorite Costco java is the Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee, you better run to the warehouse now, because it looks like it's being discontinued.

The 2+ pound bag is $12.99, and it is currently plagued with a "death star," according to Instagram account @costcohotfinds. This symbol on the price tag means the price won't go down and the product probably isn't getting reordered once the current stock is out, Consumer reports says. (Related: Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According to Nutritionists.)


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While this news stings — especially since the discontinued Costco Lavazza coffee is fit for all coffee machine types like drip, French Press, Espresso makers, and more — it looks like the warehouse @costcohotfinds found theirs is pretty stocked, still. Some people in the comments say they can't find it, but maybe you'll have better luck!

Others are simply as crushed as coffee beans to learn this particular bag won't be available anymore. "Ugh we hate that star," one said. Us, too. Us, too.

Fortunately, several big-name products that have gotten the death star treatment at Costco are making their way back this year! Get ready to see bakery faves, samples, Kirkland shampoo and conditioner, more pickles, and more at your neighborhood location soon.

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