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The Costco Deli Just Brought Back This Comfort Meal

This grab-and-go option is a fan-favorite for fall.

Costco is beloved for its large assortment of grab-and-go meals, which require little prep work before serving. And fans of the deli section will be excited to hear that a favorite fall dinner is back at the warehouse. After all, it's the perfect comfort food to heat up on a crisp autumn night.

Like the others massive items at the deli, Costco's chicken pot pies weigh a lot—more than 5 pounds! They're also made in-house with—you guessed it—Costco's iconic rotisserie chicken. These savory pastries can feed a crowd, and they do so at an affordable price—around $20.

Instagram user @costcohotfinds recently demonstrated why these pies are a great option for Costco members who are looking to save time as they get dinner on the table. "The crust came out perfectly brown—and the veggies were so good and soft in the middle," she said.

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Though Costco members admitted to a love affair with this deli item in the comments, some would love the pies even more if they were a different size.

"We love these!!" one commenter exclaimed, adding that they "just wish there was a way to split it and only cook half!" Another suggested that Costco opt for an even smaller portion—four mini pies.

Meanwhile, some commenters offered tips for how to level up this beloved Costco find. "To help make the crust flaky and buttery use an egg/butter wash before baking to help prevent the top dough from drying out like that," someone wrote.

The instructions say to bake your chicken pot pie in an oven for one hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. But you might want to keep the oven on for even longer—because pumpkin pies are also back at the warehouset! And they're only one of the fall-themed bakery items members will notice back in the bakery section in the weeks ahead . . .

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