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6 New Costco Items Customers Are Absolutely Loving Right Now

From frozen desserts to snacks and seasonings, here are the most popular warehouse items at the moment.

All 100+ million Costco members worldwide are pretty much guaranteed to have their own favorite items at the beloved warehouse, but as we all know, it's often the items that are disappearing from shelves that get the most urgent attention. (Costco often temporarily or permanently discontinues some fan-favorite products, weathers shortages, and even enforces product limits on some must-have essentials when quantities are scarce.)

But now, thanks to a post on Reddit from @rac1891, attention is being paid to the latest new Costco finds to invade shelves, from exciting snacks and beverages to frozen items and sweets. Here are a few new favorite items Costco members are currently raving about. (And before your next shopping trip, read up on the Popular Costco Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight, Say Dietitians.)

Bibigo Beef Bulgogi Mandu

Bibigo Beef Bulgogi Mandu Costco

One Costco member raved on Reddit that these huge dumplings are "fantastic" and a "nice treat," adding that the best way to enjoy them is by heating them up in an air fryer, which uses less oil.

A bonus: the 3-pound frozen bag is currently $4 off in the warehouse and online through August 29 as part of the Member's Only Savings event.

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Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

You may have heard of the Girl Scout Thin Mint Almonds Costco debuted earlier this year, but apparently, one of the newest items is the iconic cookie in pretzel form.

"They should come with a warning that you may eat them until you feel ill," one Reddit user said.

Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangos

Kirkland signature organic dried mango slices Costco
Courtesy of Costco

Fall flavors may be the popular choice right now, but if you want the sweet taste of this summer fruit, Costco has a 2.5-pound bag of dried mango that many members say is their favorite new item.

"But be warned," one member says on Reddit. "[I]t's addicting and I always end up eating too much in one sitting and have horrible stomach pain from all of the fiber at once šŸ˜‚."

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Kirkland Signature Organic No Salt Seasoning

Kirkland No Salt Seasoning Costco
Courtesy of Costco

There are 21 spices in this Kirkland brand seasoning, and yet not one of themĀ is salt. While the product isn't necessarily new, Reddit user @yogikash says it is new to them, and "makes everything tastes so good and so much better than traditional salty seasonings!!"

Late July JalapeƱo Lime Tortilla Chips

Late July JalapeƱo Lime tortilla chips
Courtesy of Amazon

These chips aren't available on Costco's website but are recommended by one Reddit user (whose comment got several likes). The user describes them as "cool ranch Doritos for adults" thanks to the JalapeƱo, green bell pepper powder, and lime juice powder. Look for them at your local warehouse or on Amazon.

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Suji's Taiyaki Fish Waffle

Suji's Taiyaki Fish Waffle Costco
Courtesy of Instacart

This fish-shaped treat took social media by storm when it was reintroduced earlier this summer. Lately, it's been hard to find these in warehouses because they're such a member favorite (and aren't sold online).

The best way to enjoy these dessert waffles? Many say to air fry them for a warm and crispy texture.

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