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Costco May Never Bring This Beloved Food Court Item Back

The company declined to comment on this item's status.

It's been over a year without some Costco food court favorites that were taken off the menu when the pandemic began to help streamline operations and to encourage social distancing. At first, it seemed like the acai bowl, chicken bake, churros, and more would only be gone for a few weeks, but here we are still without some—including arguably the most popular item, the combo pizza. Unfortunately, in this situation, no news is not good news.

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The blend of veggies, pepperoni, and sausage on a big Costco pizza slice (or whole pie) is still nowhere in sight, much to the dismay of many fans. Not only is this item's disappearance a popular topic on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, but it is also the prominent subject of petitions on with thousands of signatures.

Earlier in September, several Costco members claim to have asked employees when the combo pizza would be coming back, and they all seemingly got similar answers—that it isn't.

Based on this, Eat This, Not That! reached out to Costco for confirmation that the combo pizza is permanently discontinued, but the company declined to comment. With all sorts of information floating around, it seems like the only thing we know for sure is that it simply just isn't on the menu right now as we wait for an official announcement from Costco themselves. (Sometimes rumors go around for a little while before Costco confirms it, like with the ending of senior shopping hours or the curbside pickup testing program.)

The good news is, though, that Costco loves member feedback, and in the past has brought back other items after petitions and loyal fan outcries.

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