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Costco Is Already Selling These 3 Beloved Holiday Bakery Items

These dropped faster than the freshly fallen snow!

As soon as the clock strikes midnight and Thanksgiving is over, it's officially time to prepare for the long list of holidays that fall in December. Costco seems to be on the same page, as evidenced by the growing selection of seasonal sweets on sale in the bakery section.

A week hasn't even passed since we feasted on turkey and dressing, but the countdown to Dec. 25 is already beginning. And from the looks of it, Costco is going to have enough treats to keep Santa occupied past Christmas Eve. To help you shop smarter, here's a list of the seasonal bakery items that have already been spotted at warehouses.

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Peppermint Bark

Costco peppermint bark
Courtesy of Instacart

Costco's bakery section is known for its massive selection of cakes, cookies, and pies. However, there's an altogether different type of treat on sale this holiday season. The Kirkland Signature Peppermint Bark is a holiday favorite at just under $10 a box, and it was spotted at some warehouses before Thanksgiving. Now that pumpkin spice season is officially over, more locations will surely have this seasonal bakery item on display the next time you shop.

Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Loaf

Costco Bakery

Given that chocolate and peppermint are holiday staples, it's likely no surprise that this beloved bakery item is back. Costco's $7.99 Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Loaves pair this winning flavor combination with none other than danish icing.

This year, Instagram user @costcohotfinds spotted the loaves on sale at a local Costco before Dec. 1. Though they searched for the sweet treats at two different locations, they only found them on display at one of the stores. Remember: Bakery offerings differ at every warehouse, so the store in your neighborhood may not have them at this time.

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Holiday Cookie Tray

Costco Bakery Holiday Cookie Tray
Courtesy of Instacart

Two is always better than one, a saying which rings especially true when it comes to holiday treats. Does that make the Costco bakers who loaded five types of festive cookies into one variety box the true heroes of the season? These $9.99 packs include 42 Coconut Almond Chocolate, Holiday Candy, Iced Ginger Molasses, Lemon Shortbread, and Powdered Brownie Walnut cookies. Instagram user @costcodeals recently spotted the seasonal packages on display at a local warehouse. FYI: They weigh more than you think; in total, they're about 2 pounds each.

What other holiday items may drop soon?

Costco bakery croissant

As Costco members know, change is constant in the bakery section. Thus, it's fairly likely that additional items will make their grand or seasonal bakery debuts sometime within the next few weeks. An expanded selection could include Raspberry Crumble Cookies, Cinnamon Butter Pound Cakes, or even 84-packs of holiday cookies.

For more on what's happening at the warehouse in your neighborhood, check out:

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