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Costco Is Selling This Unusually Cool Fruit Plant

Don't call it a strawberry! This berry at Costco tastes curiously like a different (but also yummy) fruit.

If you've got adventurous tastes and a love for plants, Costco is selling an exciting fruit plant that droves of members are talking about. Here's what a "hula berry" tastes like, as well as details on its nutrition benefits.

The Instagram account @CostcoAisles (via Apartment Therapy) recently announced that Costco is now selling planters for "white strawberries" that are actually called the hula berry—also known as the pineberry. But even though the hula berry looks curiously like a ghostly strawberry, the label says the hula berry tastes like pineapple.

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The hula berry's Hawaiian association might be inspo for its nickname, but where on earth did they actually originate? As Apartment Therapy notes, "Some 400 years ago, North American strawberries and Chilean white strawberries were brought over to Europe, where they were planted side by side. Then the birds and the bees happened, like literally, and a new berry was born."


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We like it. But, with a $17.99 Costco price tag, does the hula berry deliver health benefits like pineapple and strawberry? Pineapple is said to reduce inflammation, brighten your mood, help with joint health and lots more, while strawberries can help you stay regular and prevent cancer, plus a host of other benefits.

As for the benefits of hula berry, it's good news: According to Clean Eating, the hula berry hosts Vitamins A and C, and folate. This potentially makes it good for your skin, solid for immunity, and can help keep the blood's iron and oxygen in balance, among other healthy advantages.

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