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This Costco Product Just Beat Out 60+ Others, New Investigation Says

The Kirkland brand has yet to disappoint.

Consumers expect to receive more bang for their buck when they shop at Costco, and the store's signature Kirkland brand is specifically designed to deliver on that promise. From bakery items to batteries and everything in between, the brand's recognizable red, white, and black logo can be found throughout the store and many products have achieved a great deal of notoriety for the value they offer.

Now, yet another Kirkland gem has been discovered, and this time in the laundry aisle. The Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean laundry detergent recently took the title of Best Value detergent, according to Consumer Reports, washing out over 60 other top competitors.

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The detergent was put to the test against the likes of Tide, Gain, OxiClean, and even Sam's Club and Walmart's own private brands. All varieties were rated based on their cleaning power—specifically their ability to remove stains ranging from body oil to chocolate or blood, and average price point as well.

As a Costco item, it's no surprise that Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean comes in at a sizable 194 ounces—one of the largest containers of the products tested. That's enough to handle an average of 146 loads of laundry. The detergent can be found on Amazon for $29.90, which is about half the price per load compared to competitors. Costco cardholders can also snag a jug in stores or online for even less.

Costco Kirkland Detergent-1

But, the Kirkland brand doesn't just offer a great deal—it also reportedly gets the job done. The detergent received an Excellent rating for its ability to remove body oil stains and was also one of few detergents in the analysis to stand up well against hard water with high mineral content.

In addition to its newfound Best Value title, many consumers have given Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean their own stamp of approval.

On Reddit, a happy customer recently noted, "A post last week recomended using Kirkland laundry detergent. I tried it and it's actually in many ways superior to Tide. I was blown away by how much better it is than I had assumed 10/10 recommend!!"

The Kirkland liquid detergent additionally has a global rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. One top review described the product as a "grease killer", while another customer commented, "The size, smell, amount, price, loved it all". And with over 150 million Costco members across the globe, this top-rated laundry detergent is one a lot of people have access to.

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