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This Beloved Costco Fall Bakery Item Has Shot Up In Price

The new price for this fall dessert is about to take a slice out of your wallet.

Though fall doesn't officially start until Sept. 22, several beloved apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin products are already on sale at Costco. One of these seasonal favorites is generating headlines not because of its massive size but rather an increase in sticker price.

Like a perfect orange pumpkin picked from the patch, the pumpkin pies lining the shelves of Costco's bakery section are a staple of the fall season. Without fail, they make their grand return to warehouses each year in late August or early September. Until this year, the 3.5-pound pies were always priced at $5.99. Now, warehouse members will now have to fork over an additional $1.

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Other iconic Costco items have never changed in price, such as the hot dog and soda combo in the food court or the rotisserie chicken in the deli. In 2019, the warehouse sold 6.1 million pumpkin pies between September and December, according to People. Thus, even a slight $1 uptick would likely bring in millions of additional dollars for the retailer.

Eat This, Not That! reached out to Costco for more information about the price hike, but the company declined to comment. Since the original recipe has stayed the same since 1987, the uptick likely isn't due to ingredient changes. Sue McConnaha, the chain's vice president of bakery operations, created the dessert as a 10-inch pie with all-natural and preservative-free ingredients, according to People. The pumpkins used to make the pies come from Illinois farms, and the seeds are saved and sold to a bird feeding company.

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