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Costco Just Put Purchase Limits on 6 More Grocery Items

Members-only specials combined with operational issues are causing swift shifts to what you can buy.

Earlier this week, Costco members got a flashback to some of the worst days of the pandemic, when the superstore enacted limits on some common household items. This weekend, many Costco shoppers showed up in-store to learn that more groceries also now have caps on the quantities per customer.

Saturday, one Costco member announced via Costco's Reddit community that their U.S. store had posted a hand-made notice of maximum purchase allotments on some products. The message stated this had been done "due to supply issues," though participants on the message board speculated other factors, such as staffing issues and Costco's August members-only savings.

Keep reading to learn which items Costco is asking you to slow your roll on right now. Also, if you've visited the bread aisle in recent weeks, don't miss These Popular Hot Dog and Burger Buns Are Being Recalled Nationwide, FDA Says.

Kirkland Signature Paper Towels

kirkland signature paper towels at costco
David Tonelson/Shutterstock

Some Costco stores announced this weekend that they'd placed a one-unit limit on Kirkland Signature paper towels.

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Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper


No, it's not March 2020, but there are once more limits on some toilet paper brands at Costco, starting with a one-unit purchase of Kirkland Signature toilet paper.

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Bounty Paper Towels


Currently, some Costco stores are also limiting purchase quantities of name-brand household paper products—specifically, Bounty Advance (one-unit limit) and Bounty Print (limit of two).

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Charmin Toilet Paper

Toilet paper in the hands of the buyer in the store

This weekend, Costco also announced a one-unit limit on Charmin Ultra, and a two-unit limit on Charmin Red.

Some Costco members suggest these purchase-limit restrictions could loosen August 29, when the chain's Members-Only promotion ends. In any case, Redditor u/AubergineQueenB likely spoke for many by saying, "Don't panic everyone. Just abide by limits pleaseeeee."

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