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Costco Just Put a Ton of These Items On Sale

Stay hydrated for cheap.

The summertime holidays are officially upon us, and as backyard barbeques and poolside gatherings commence, so does the increasing demand for ice-cold drinks. Costco members can now find several drinks at a cheaper price, thanks to seasonal price drops both online and inside the warehouse.

Nothing beats the thrill of a good sale, and Costco has plenty of them to go around. The warehouse brand's "Member-Only Savings" page reveals a large selection of beverages, including coffee, protein shakes, and sports drinks. Keep looking to find an overview of these discounted items below!

 These Are Costco's Most Popular Items Right Now

Orgain Clean Grass-fed and/or Plant-Based Protein Shakes

Costco Orgain Protein Shakes
Courtesy of Costco

These 18-count, 11-ounce protein shakes are on sale for $6 off of the regular price and are available both in the warehouse and online. The website lists a limit of six per member, which applies to both the Creamy Chocolate and the Creamy Chocolate Fudge flavors, which typically retail online for $32.99 and $29.99 respectively.

Keurig K-Cup Pods

Costco Keurig K-Cup Pods
Courtesy of Costco

A 100-count pack of Keurig K-Cup Pods is listed on sale both in the warehouse and online for $7 off the regular warehouse price of $41.99, totaling a discounted price of $34.99. Each of the coffee flavors (The Original Donut Shop, Newman's Own Organics, Caribou Coffee, and Tully's Coffee) has a limit of five per member.

Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast and/or French Roast K-Cup Pods

Costco Starbucks K-Cup Pods
Courtesy of Costco

Starbucks K-Cup Pods are available in a pack of 72 per pack for $7 off the original price, shifting the total from $39.99 down to $32.99. Both the Pike Place Medium Roast and the French Roast K-Cup Pods have a limit of five per customer and are offered both in the warehouse and online.

Bodyarmor Original and/or Lyte Sports Drink

Costco Bodyarmor Sports Drink
Courtesy of Costco

Each 16-ounce variety pack comes with 20 bottles and is on sale for $4 off. Available in both the Bodyarmor Original and/or Lyte Sports Drink flavors, there is an in-store limit of 10 per member, and this offer is only valid inside the warehouse and not online.

Sparkling Ice Lemonade

Costco Sparkling Ice Lemonade
Courtesy of Costco

A 24-count, 17-ounce variety pack of Sparkling Ice Lemonade is offered for $4.30 off. The sale is for inside of the warehouse only and there's a limit of five per member. Inside the variety pack contains eight each of the Strawberry Lemonade, Berry Lemonade, and Classic Lemonade flavors.

Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Costco Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee
Courtesy of Costco

offered both in the warehouse and online. A 2.5-pound pack of Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee is on sale for $5.50 off the normal online price of $23.49 for a discounted price of $17.99, and a purchase limit of six per customer.

Vita Coconut Water

Costco Vita Coconut Water
Courtesy of Costco

An 11.1-ounce 18-pack of Vita Coco Coconut Water is available for $5.50 off inside the warehouse and online, with the online advertised price of $22.99 now priced at $17.49. There's a limit of 10 per member.

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