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Costco Just Brought Back These 5 Summer Staples

Members are already stocking up!

There are thousands of items in every Costco warehouse but the stock is ever-changing. Sometimes that's frustrating if your favorite item goes away, but it's exciting if it makes a return. Fortunately, Costco does eventually bring back a lot of favorites, especially when they line up with the seasons.

Just in time for summer, the chain is bringing back a few warm-weather faves that members are already raving about. While they're not always seen at every warehouse, they might be at yours. Here's what to keep an eye out for.

 These Are Costco's Most Popular Items Right Now

Cotton Candy Grapes

boxes of costco produce
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Cotton Candy Grapes come and go with the seasons, and the good news is that right now is their time to shine. These fruits are exactly what they sound like — grapes that taste like you're at a country fair! When you first bite into one, you get the immediate taste of sweet cotton candy. After you eat a few, the flavor seems to fade back to just your standard grape flavor, but they're delicious all the same!

Rainier Cherries


Another return for the season is Rainier Cherries. Costco members on Reddit have started spotting these in the produce sections of their local stores, though they've noted that the California cherries that became available first aren't quite as tasty as the Washington cherries that came after.

Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes

Costco bakery

You'll find the Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes back in stock at many Costco warehouses in the bakery section. These tasty cinnamon cakes are topped with a spiced cream cheese frosting, and it's super hard to eat just one. These were on bakery shelves last fall but disappeared just as fast as they came. They've been spotted at a handful of warehouses around the country, and your local one might just be a lucky winner.


Costco deli

If you're someone who loves to grab dinner while you're grocery shopping, Costco makes that easy. Included in your options at many warehouses in the U.S. now are fresh sushi rolls. Shoppers have been spotting sushi rolls in their local warehouses for a reasonable price (under $10!). This is a find that isn't always around, so if you're lucky enough to find the fresh meal at your local store, you should probably grab it.

Melona Ice Cream Bars

Courtesy of Costco

There are frozen fruit bars and there are ice cream bars…and then there are Melona Ice Cream Bars that are a little bit of both. These refreshing frozen treats have been seen back in Costco freezers just in time for the summer months. Stock up to kick off the summer right now, and don't be shy about grabbing another box or two before they leave shelves again in a few months.

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