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Costco Is Adding This Much-Anticipated Feature to Its Website

It will be a game-changer if you shop for groceries at the warehouse.

There are over 4,000 items in each Costco warehouse, and what you find in one location could be different than what's in another. For a while now, members have said that a way to track exactly what is available in-store would be helpful—and the company's chief financial officer Richard Galanti just revealed some exciting new information about such an opportunity.

Before the month is up, members will be able to check the status of what's in Costco warehouses online, Galanti said during a Q2 earnings call on March 4. This means no more running to or calling several warehouses to find that one key item. But that's not all: Not only will the items in-store be listed, Instacart inventory will also be available online, Galanti says.

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Galanti didn't give any specific details about what the newest online feature will look like, but if it looks like other site's versions, it may involve members putting in their area or zip code into a text box on the right side of the product's page on Walmart's is on the right side of the screen and tells shoppers when the item is available for pickup at their selected location, plus which aisle it can be found in and about how long shipping would take.

Costco currently says on its website that inventory online is in real-time, but this only applies to products. It still says that if a member wants to find an item at their warehouse, they will need to visit the membership counter there, or call/chat with the company through the website.

Galanti also said on the call that Costco Is Still Facing Short Supplies and Product Delays—Here's Why.

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