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The Eating Habit James Corden Swears By That Helped Him Lose Weight

It's all about the timing.

A jack of all trades, James Corden is mostly known for his acting career and hosting his late-night talk show where he jams out to carpool karaoke with celebrities and reenacts musicals on crosswalks. His comedic personality is what shines, however, he has been making news for his incredible weight loss journey.

Recently, the British icon has had a six-stone weight loss. Each stone is equivalent to 14 pounds, totaling Corden's weight loss to about 84 pounds. How does he do it? According to his interview with The Sun, Corden limits his eating to a timeframe.

Restricting your eating timeframe is also referred to as intermittent fasting. Specifically, Corden uses daily time-restricted fasting, which allows him to eat normally, but only within a window of time per day.

"I don't eat until 12," he tells The Sun.

Along with this fasting method, Corden tries to eat cleanly. During the interview, he was seen drinking a 15-calorie, sugar-free, health drink loaded with vitamins, and announced he ate an apple that morning.

However, although he chooses healthier options, Corden stresses the importance of still enjoying foods and not restricting the types of food he eats.

"I try to eat healthily and not deprive myself," he tells The Sun.

Corden continues to say that he does not like the mentality of dieting, as it feels limited. According to him, the idea of going on a diet is "everything that is wrong" because you are most likely going to return to how you were before.

healthy diet

In the past, Corden has talked about losing weight through WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). Now, he is partnering with the company because he has enjoyed the WW process.

Corden believes that in the WW program, you don't have to cut any foods out. Instead, you're becoming aware of what you're adding to your body. This makes you think before you eat, trying not to eat foods with too many ingredients. Because of this, you can have a bad week and not beat yourself up about it. Instead, you know not to revert to the eating habits you had that week.

Along with the eating habits that helped him lose weight, Corden boxes with his trainer most mornings. He also recently completed a four-day transcendental meditation course– allowing him to settle his body down to a "state of restful alertness".

"You do a course, then at the end of it, you have these tools where, every day, you give yourself 20 minutes of silence to let your thoughts be whatever they are, and I've found that very, very beneficial," Corden was quoted to say.

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