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Gabrielle Union Says She Avoids These Two Foods in New Abs Selfie

The star's healthy diet has her looking fitter than ever at 48.

Gabrielle Union looks as fit and fabulous today as she did when she first began her career in Hollywood over two decades ago. However, it's not just good luck that keeps the star looking amazing.

In a new ab-bearing Instagram post, Union revealed what she nixes from her diet to maintain her physique. Read on to discover the actor's secrets to staying healthy and fit at 48. And for more on how your favorite stars stay in amazing shape, check out Kate Beckinsale Reveals Her Exact Workout for Flat Abs.

She keeps two specific food groups to a minimum.


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In a July 27 post to Instagram, Union revealed which two foods she typically keeps off her menu to maintain her fit physique.

Of the photo, in which Union wears a black sports bra and pair of briefs from Harlem American, the star writes, "No gluten, no dairy." However, in her typical cheeky manner, she also added, "Except when I eat gluten and dairy??‍♀️???."

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She loads up on colorful vegetables.

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To ensure that she's getting ample nutrients while crowding out less healthy fare in her diet, Union makes eating lots of vegetables a priority.

"I try to make my plate like a rainbow," she told Us Weekly. "So, if you can work in some sweet potatoes or some yams or some yellow peppers, just to try to make your plate as colorful as possible."

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She fills up with lean proteins.

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While Union admitted to Us Weekly that she "love[s] a Cajun ribeye," she says that she typically opts for "leaner cuts of meat" to stay satiated.

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She says no to sugary drinks.

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One secret to Union's eternally youthful glow? "Eliminating all sugary drinks," she explained to Us Weekly.

"The sodas, the coffee drinks…replace all of those with water. I do a gallon of water a day…It's really, really helpful when you're trying to lose weight."

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