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Costco Just Added Another New Summer Bakery Item

The last few months have been busy in this section of the warehouse.

Costco started off the summer in June by debuting a smaller, fruity bakery item. The Raspberry Mini Cakes are just one of several smaller treats in this section of the warehouse, including Mini All American Chocolate Cakes, Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes, Mini Carrot Cakes, Mini Red Velvet Cakes, and more. But there's now another one to add to the list, and although it's almost August and back-to-school season is just about in full swing, it uses a famous summer flavor.

 Costco Is Already Selling This Mega-Popular Fall Treat

The mini bakery items have become quite popular, so it's no surprise the Costco bakery has debuted another version. The Mini Lemon Cakes With Buttercream Icing were just seen by the sisters who run the Instagram account @costcosisters in late July at a warehouses in California.

While we don't know the official description of the new bakery item, we can guess it features a lemon cake topped with sweet buttercream and finished off with white chocolate shavings and a dollop of yellow lemon icing. The new offering is available in a pack of six for $9.99.

This is just one of many fruit-flavored treats that the bakery has on shelves, in addition to the Raspberry Mini Cakes. Warehouses also may have the fan-favorite Raspberry Crumble Cookies as well as the massive Key Lime Pie.

You'll find all of these for a few more weeks before the warehouse chain brings back its popular Fall options such as Pumpkin Streusel Muffins, Pumpkin Pie, Double Crust Apple Pie, and the Pumpkin Spice Loaf.

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