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Hooters Servers Are Complaining About the Chain's Inappropriate New Uniforms

The shorts are getting shorter.

While uniforms have always been a point of controversy at Hooters, the latest update on the chain's classic uniform is drawing major ire from those who have to wear it—the servers.

According to a recent slew of TikTok videos, the uniforms that have barely been updated through the chain's decades-long history are suddenly getting more revealing. Several Hooters servers complained about the new shorts the chain is mandating them to wear, but which look more like "panties."

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"Hooters gets new shorts like underwear" one TikTok user wrote, joking in the video about quitting because of it.

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Some have done a side-by-side comparison of the new and old shorts to illustrate just how much shorter the new version is.

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Others have noticed that the new Hooters shorts look very much like the shorts worn by servers at Winghouse, another wing chain with scantily clad waitresses.

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The chain has long been criticized for its job requirements for waitstaff—including revealing uniforms and specific hair and makeup standards—which reinforce the belief that objectification of women is as much the core of the brand as are the chicken wings.

However, according to one TikToker that's also a Hooters employee, the chain isn't switching to the new shorts at all locations. Only restaurants operated by Hooters of America, a franchisee of more than 420 Hooters locations, will be onboarding the new uniform, while locations run by The Original Hooters Group, are not making the change.

"I guess they even made ours an inch longer so that we're fully covered in our uniform," the employee, who works for one of the Original locations, says in the video.

The Original Hooters Group confirmed to NBC News that uniforms will not be getting shorter at their locations.

"The 'Original' Hooters Restaurants located throughout Tampa Bay, Chicagoland, and Manhattan … will not be changing their iconic uniform of orange shorts and white uniform tops that has made the brand universally famous," a spokesperson said in a statement to the news outlet.

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