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5 Controversial Rules Hooters Servers Have To Follow

According to one Hooters employee's candid revelation.

We all know a lot of restaurants have struggled over the past few years, but none so much as those that deliver unique dine-in experiences to customers… like Hooters. While a drop in sales over the past year has forced the salacious bar chain to update some of their approaches (like taking their new fast-casual chain bigger), one Hooters server has taken to TikTok to reveal a handful of Hooters rules that haven't changed a whole lot.

TikTok user @kaylaannlol is a Hooters server with over 64,000 followers on the social media platform. Kayla documents her experiences in her work and shares revelations about what happens behind the scenes at Hooters.

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In a post, Kayla revealed five weird-ish rules Hooters servers have to follow these days. For anyone who thinks of platinum-colored hair, tons of makeup, and unabashed flirting when you call to mind the Hooters servers of years past, these Hooters rules may seem a little more modern… but perhaps, not by much.

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Hooters servers have to wear makeup.

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Kayla reveals that the women who work at Hooters have to wear makeup, but it has to be natural. "The makeup I'm wearing right now would not be OK for work," Kayla says, referencing charcoal eyeshadow.

Hooters servers have to wear their hair styled at work.

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No dry shampoo top-knots for this crew—Kayla says Hooters servers have to have their hair done. If it's colored, it has to be in a natural tone. (Definitely a departure from some of the servers of the old days!)

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Hooters servers have to be female-friendly.

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"No one wants to make the girl feel like we're trying to get with her boyfriend," Kayla says in reference to when Hooters servers are serving male-female couples. As such, they're trained to avoid direct contact with the male in these situations. (Though we're not sure Hooters is a a dream spot for date night—just us?)

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Hooters does not consider their employees to be "servers."

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Apparently—although they serve you food and drinks—Hooters employees are not considered servers. "We are considered entertainers," Kayla explains, "because we put on the uniform and have a certain role that we play." (We think you're great just being you, but this celebrity trainer's favorite weight-loss trick is interesting.)

That role is to be the girl next door or "American cheerleader."

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"That's literally in the job description," Kayla reveals.

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