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In-N-Out's Surprising Secret Menu Item You Had No Idea Existed

The beloved burger chain has something in store for everyone.

In-N-Out's secret menu is an intentionally poorly kept secret. In fact, the chain itself calls it the Not So Secret Menu on its website. In that section, you'll find delectables like the Grilled Cheese and stacked burgers like the 3×3 and the even bigger 4×4, as well as the ever-popular smothered Animal Fries. But the existence of another secret menu item, one meant to be enjoyed by your non-human family member, isn't as well known.

Few and far between are the dog owners who don't allow their pets the occasional bite of so-called "human" food. Luckily, In-N-Out recognized this and made sure to provide a delicious fast-food option that is safe for pooches of all shapes and sizes.

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According to a video and article published by Daily Paws, the beloved West Coast burger chain has a secret menu item that was created just for dogs. Customers can order a Pup Patty from In-N-Out and will be given a perfectly grilled hamburger patty served entirely plain—without any toppings, condiments, a bun, or even salt. While it might sound unappetizing to us, dogs find the Pup Patty irresistible, and it's, in turn, a great source of protein for them.

And equally as noteworthy as the Pup Patty existing at all is the fact that the dog treat patties will set you back a mere $1.10 (prices may vary by location), as confirmed by In-N-Out.

Note that while this simple beef patty is perfectly safe for almost all dogs, fast food, in general, should not be shared with your canine companion frequently, as hard as it can be to resist those puppy dog eyes. Foods like French fries and the types of cheeses used at fast-food restaurants tend to be very high in fats which can be a health hazard for dogs, according to the American Kennel Club.

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Editor's Note: This article was updated on September 14 with two factual corrections. The previous version of this article stated that the Pup Patties are often given away for free with purchase, which they are not. Also, In-N-Out's burger patties are grilled and not broiled as previously stated.

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