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The Workout Habits Jennifer Lopez Follows To Make 52 Look So Fit

The celeb has hands-down mastered the dance moves and fit lifestyle we all strive for.

Jennifer Lopez never stops turning heads, motivating fans, and bringing her A-game to the big stage. The celeb has hands-down mastered the dance moves and fit lifestyle we all strive to achieve. If you're curious about the healthy eating, wellness, and workout habits Jennifer Lopez practices to stay in such incredible shape at 52, read on to learn more. And next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Jennifer Lopez is positively glowing from the inside out

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at special screening of 'Marry Me'
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck recently took a brief getaway to tie the knot with Ben Affleck in Las Vegas. Bennifer announced their exciting news via On the J.Lo newsletter, stating they "barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight." But when all was said and done, J.Lo wrote, "It was the best possible wedding we could have imagined. One we dreamed of long ago and one made real (in the eyes of the state, Las Vegas, a pink convertible and one another) at very, very long last."

She continued, "When love is real, the only thing that matters in marriage is one another and the promise we make to love, care, understand, be patient, loving and good to one another. We had that. And so much more." Hey, a healthy life radiates from the inside out—and Jennifer Lopez is certainly glowing!

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She practices self-love

Jennifer Lopez on stage at the MTV Movie & TV awards
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

The singer, dancer, and actress who started her TV career as a Fly Girl dancer for In Loving Color has become a legend in her own time. Her fit body, workouts, and healthy eating habits are truly inspirational. The star shared some learned wisdom with Heat magazine (via Cosmo), saying, "I think the idea of being curvaceous, being a little bit bigger than normal or smaller than normal, all of that is okay. As long as it's healthy. I embrace who I am. I feel sexy, I feel youthful, I feel pretty."

How does Jennifer Lopez maintain her youth and positivity? She practices necessary self-love and encourages others to do the same. "Love yourself! Stop spending so much time worrying about what others think about you. Because when you love yourself and you're happy, that's reflected in your whole body, and that's what makes you truly beautiful. And always use a good moisturizer," she said (via ET).

She follows a dedicated, hardcore workout schedule

J.Lo after a workout
Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

As far as Lopez's workouts are concerned, let's just say they're nothing short of vigorous. According to a 2019 Oprah Daily interview with one of her trainers Dodd Romero, J.Lo works out for about an hour, four to five times each week, and she targets a different body part in each training session.

"We'll go until everything's sore and we've hit every body part," Romero stressed to US Weekly. (Lopez's hardcore ab routine featured hanging ab raises, rope crunches, incline sit-ups using a 45-pound plate, and more intense moves.) "Her overall body has just shrunk and tightened and her strength has actually doubled," Romero stated.

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Dancing is "key" to her happiness

Jennifer Lopez performs onstage
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

And that's not all. Lopez explained just how important dancing is to her in an interview with HELLO!, saying, "I am 100 percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that's so good for me is key to my happiness."

When the star isn't not feeling so confident, she turns to that happy place. "There's something about seeing what my body is capable of and feeling the endorphin rush that comes with a good dance session that really helps boost my mood," she revealed (via ET). "I still consider myself a dancer at heart, and I love it!"

Her workout included pole dancing for her role in Hustlers

jennifer lopez hustlers backdrop
John Parra / Stringer / Getty Images

The celeb has consistently worked hard and always does what it takes to bring us so many favorite flicks, including The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Monster-in-Law, Hustlers, and most recently, Marry Me. J.Lo's workout for her role in Hustlers included pole dancing, which she revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via Cosmo), "It's, like, acrobatic, it's a different muscle group. The things that they do with their legs and everything and go upside down… it's hard. I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole."

She drinks a lot of water and consumes a healthy, wholesome diet

water with lemon

Looking amazing doesn't just come from aggressive workouts. Lopez drinks a lot of water—"a minimum of seven glasses a day," according to Romero, and kicks the day off with some refreshing lemon water. She consumes healthy, wholesome foods, such as white meat turkey, grass-fed beef, chicken breast, egg whites, sea bass or salmon, and complex carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, and oatmeal with berries. (via US Weekly).

According to Tracy Anderson, J.Lo's former trainer, "everything is fresh," and nothing is processed. "It's all organic and it's all very well thought out, with the balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food," Anderson explained to PEOPLE.

J.Lo previously revealed that she doesn't deprive herself of certain foods, adding, "But I've learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle." One of those healthy habits of hers includes always having veggies and fruit on deck. She's been a major fan of the morning breakfast smoothie, complete with BodyLab TastyShake, Greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and fresh lemon juice.

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