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Jordyn Woods Reveals Her Exact Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

The star's intense diet and exercise routine have definitely paid off.

Jordyn Woods has been a fixture on reality TV and social media for years, with fans eagerly following everything from her fashions to the messy ending of her former friendship with a certain reality star. Now a star in her own right, the model and fitness influencer, who recently launched the FrstPlace fitness program, has slimmed down significantly in recent years and is looking fitter than ever. Read on to discover the exact diet and exercise routine that keeps her in such amazing shape. And for more on how your favorite stars stay fit, Nicole Scherzinger Shares Her Exact Butt and Leg Workout in New Video.

She boxes.

To maintain her shape, Woods relies on boxing-based workouts.

"I'm a little rusty with my boxing but @jeremiah.maestre is a great coach so he makes me look a little better, she captioned a video of herself boxing with her trainer in her third workout that day. "Progress over perfection, always!"

She lifts weights.

screenshot of an instagram story with a large leg press weight and the words "270 lbs leg press"
© Jordyn Woods / Instagram

Woods isn't afraid of doing a little heavy lifting to stay in fighting form. In a clip posted to her Instagram stories, Woods shared that she does 270-pound leg presses to stay fit.

"Every time you work out, do 30 minutes of cardio, always do abs, and then each day you can focus on a different part of your body," she told Elle Canada of her fitness philosophy.

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She sticks to plant-based foods.

a bowl of fake chicken in a white bowl from an instagram screenshot
© Jordyn Woods / Instagram

It's not just her exercise routine that keeps Woods in such stellar shape, however. The model revealed in a recent post to her Instagram stories that she's trying to steer clear of certain animal products for the time being.

"Cutting out meat for a little," she told her fans.

She cleanses.


While Woods has admitted in past interviews that she's no fan of taking drastic measures to achieve a certain look, she has done one-day juice cleanses in the past.

"I tried a juice cleanse about two weeks ago. That's not too crazy, but it was an interesting feeling. Like, you go through the emotions of not eating, and I felt really good after," she told Elle Canada.

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