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4 Mayo Brands That Use the Best Quality Ingredients

It's the #1 condiment of the American people.

There may be no more hotly contested condiment than the creamy spread that is mayonnaise. It's a touchy topic.

Stray too far from traditional applications and some cry "disgusting!" Some want nothing to do with the dressing at all. In the South, on the other hand, mayo is life. A slather will suit just about anything—from a boiled egg to a banana sandwich. It may be that Dixieland is the wild west of the shiny, white curdles.

When it comes to the quality of mayonnaise, connoisseurs have strong brand preferences. 

These are the names that have passed the test of quality over time because they have used the best ingredients without cutting corners. 

So, here we are—a spread like no other. It's what British food writer Elizabeth David called a "beautiful shining golden ointment," it's mayonnaise.

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KEWPIE Mayonnaise

kewpie mayo at store

While some American loyalists may raise an eyebrow to KEWPIE, once they've tried it, they'll likely become a fan. This Japanese product is quickly gaining steam in the U.S. for its extra smooth, rich flavor (and it's also a fun bottle to squeeze).

KEWPIE stands out for its use of yolks rather than whole eggs, which gives this rich mayo custard-like texture and a distinct yellow color. With four yolks in every 500-gram bottle, the brand really doesn't hold back. The mayo is packed with amino acids, which gives it the savory, umami flavor you won't find in any other similar product.

Additionally, KEWPIE uses a blend of different kinds of vinegar, rather than just one to balance out the sharp taste. It also doesn't have any added sugar or preservatives as its squeeze bottle actually helps it stay fresh by sealing out oxygen. It really is a magical mayonnaise you need to try if you haven't already. KEWPIE even keeps a fun recipe guide to help new tasters try it.


Duke's Real Mayonnaise

dukes mayo tattoo

Duke's has been in the condiment game a long time, serving 32 ounces since 1917. The mayo is known as a "delectable spread" is still made with the original Greenville, S.C. recipe, which is ultra-creamy, slightly sweet, and true to its tagline, has "twang." And for many in the region, the mayo is a matter of civic pride.

Duke's has remained sugar-free—a rare thing for mass-produced American condiments whose sugar ratios have skyrocketed. It also has a higher ratio of egg yolks than most other commercial brands, which gives it an extra creamy texture. In fact, Duke's looks and tastes like homemade mayo.

While a jar used to be more difficult to come by for anyone living outside of the Southern or Southeastern U.S., more grocery stores have picked it up. Prior to that, it was more difficult to find and in 2013, HuffPost Taste finally got their first taste and said, "I didn't know that I could feel this way about mayonnaise."


Blue Plate Mayonnaise

woman shops for blue plate mayo
Blue Plate

The South has two horses in the top mayo race and besides Duke's there's also Blue Plate. When it comes to a mild, enjoyable, middle-of-the-road mayo that doesn't overpower your meal, it's Blue Plate all the way. In fact, the award-winning food writers at Epicurious found Blue Plate to be their favorite in a blind taste test of 16 mayo brands including Hellmann's. Duke's, Sir Kensington's, and Miracle Whip.

Blue Plate, which was born in the culinary capital of New Orleans, is made simply from a recipe of oil, vinegar, and egg yolks. It's creamy and often compared to homemade.

For many Southerners, the great divide is drawn at whether they're a fan of Duke's or Blue Plate. At the very least, if you grab either jar—you'll know you're going to get a great-tasting mayo.


Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise

hellmann's real mayo

When the late, great Julia Child gives a recommendation, you listen. And it just so happens that the culinary queen herself favored Hellmann's mayonnaise above all others. So much so, that she calls for it specifically in the recipe for her tuna salad sandwich. In fact, Child even had advised viewers in her television program not to make their own mayo "because Hellmann's is the best." Unless Hellmann's was paying her to say that—it's quite the commendation.

It's not just Julia Child's vote either. America has spoken, and Hellmann's mayo is the # 1 best-selling condiment in the U.S. After 100 years in business, it's managed to make quite a name for itself.

And when it comes to Hellmann's "Real" mayonnaise, the ingredients ring true to the praise. A jar contains just eggs, oil, and vinegar, all of which are "sustainably sourced." The company uses what it calls "Blue Ribbon Quality" ingredients that include cage-free eggs and environmentally friendly products–something no other big brand mayo can say.

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