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McDonald's Just Brought Back This Beloved Bakery Item

The McCafe menu welcomes back a favorite.

Very few fast-food chains can rival breakfast at McDonald's and the favorite quick-service restaurant just made it even better, if only for a limited time.

McDonald's has finally brought back the Glazed Pull Apart Donut as part of its McCafe Bakery lineup and fans are hungry for its return. Customers should know to get it quickly, however, as the shareable pastry won't be around for long.

The adorable Donut is special because it can be eaten as one donut or pulled apart to make seven individual donut holes for sharing (or eating separately by yourself). The pastry pairs well with an Iced Coffee or Frappe in the morning or as a mid-day sweet treat.

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mcdonalds mini glazed donuts
Courtesy of McDonald's

Outside of its current appearance, the Glazed Pull Apart Donut made its debut as part of a fall menu update last year. The pastry came as a follow-up to the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll—the first breakfast pastry additions the chain had made in a decade. The McCafe Bakery items were released in 2020 to much fanfare and have since been available at nationwide locations throughout the day.

Originally, McDonald's may have introduced the McCafe Bakery items as an alternative to the dearly missed All Day Breakfast, which was discontinued at many locations during the pandemic. And while there's some speculation on Twitter that McDonald's could be listening to fans calling for the return of All Day Breakfast, it doesn't look like the McCafe Bakery lineup is going anywhere.

The Glazed Pull Apart Donut is selling for $1.59, although prices may vary across locations. According to the chain's website, the pastry will be leaving the menu again in the near future.

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