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This One McDonald's Menu Hack Will Get You the Freshest Fries, Customers Say

Because every fast food lover knows hot fries make or break the meal—we've learned the secret.

We've all been there. You pull away from the drive-thru, you reach in your bag, and bummer: Your fries aren't hot. One McDonald's customer has taken to social media with a valuable public service announcement on the one easy thing you can do to make sure your McDonald's French fries are always the hot, salty experience you're after.

Fast food consumption's been up the past year, with the pandemic making even some of the most conscious eaters among us realize that sometimes, you've just got to live a little. For anyone who's been cruising through the drive-thru a little more often these days, one TikTok user, Lauren Nicole (@laurenicc, via Yahoo! News) has revealed the secret to making sure you're always getting the freshest fries.

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She says getting fresh fries at McDonald's takes a simple request for them. It turns out that McDonald's point-of-sale computer system actually offers a designation for made-to-order food. If you specifically ask that your menu item be made fresh, their computer system may show up on the customer-facing screen with the note that you've made an added request that the McDonald's staff prepare your fries as "cook to order."

Of course we all want our fries to be fresh all the time—but for big brands, it's also important to be mindful of waste. In any case, when it comes to this hack to get fresh fries at McDonald's, you're welcome.

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