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McDonald's Is Giving Away This Item for $1 Tomorrow

Find out your true McNugget nature and get rewarded.

It's that happy time again, when McDonald's showers fans with heavily discounted, practically free menu favorites. And this one comes with a personality quiz that will help you figure out your true Mickey D's persona.

On April 27, for one day only, the chain will be giving away 6-piece Chicken McNuggets for $1. And in order to find out what your McNugget style is, you'll be able to take the Chicken McNuggets Personality Quiz, which will land you into one of these four personality-type buckets.

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  • The Creative Type: You basically invented McNugget hacks. You were adding McNuggets to your sandwich before it was cool. IYKYK.
  • Sauce Superfan: You want dipping sauces with a side of McNuggets. You like to take your tastebuds on a flavor journey.
  • Shape Connoisseur: You believe there are superior McNugget shapes. There's probably even a specific order you eat them in.
  • The Sharer: McNuggets are your love language. You order them as a side AND main so you can share a few with your friends and fam.

This offer and the personality quiz will be exclusively available through the chain's mobile app tomorrow.

mcdonald's mcnuggets giveaway
Courtesy of McDonald's
mcdonald's mcnuggets
Courtesy of McDonald's

And while the chain is giving away heavily discounted nuggets, it may also be working on bringing back some more discontinued fan favorites. Just like it did recently with the Szechuan sauce, Mickey D's could be scheming the return of another all-time great like the Snack Wrap. Or that's our wishful thinking at least, based on the company's Tweet from last week.

"Bring back _____" the chain posted last Thursday, prompting fans to fill in the blank with their most-missed items. And they quickly took the bait, with the Tweet racking up tens of thousands of likes, retweets, and responses in a short period of time.

Some of the most popular answers? The sorely missed Snack Wrap, the frenzy-inducing BTS meal, and the ever-elusive All Day Breakfast. Let's see what McDonald's ends up doing with this information.

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