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Neil Patrick Harris Reveals His Exact Workout for Six-Pack Abs

The star is looking fitter than ever in a new selfie, crediting one particular workout for his look.

Sun's out—and so is Neil Patrick Harris' six-pack! The How I Met Your Mother star recently revealed exactly how he's been staying fit amid the pandemic with a new shirtless selfie.

In the photo, NPH revealed his washboard abs—and his Tonal home gym in the background.


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"Workin' on it #homegym #summerbody #flexing," he captioned the strong-looking selfie.

This isn't the first time the star has sung the praises of the at-home workout system. In a 2021 interview with, Harris admitted that the at-home workout device had been an essential tool in his fitness arsenal during the pandemic.

"It's essentially a big flatscreen TV turned on its side, it has two arms that can adjust to different lengths and heights, and then it uses electromagnetism to increase and decrease the weight. It's very challenging yet very intuitive," Harris explained, noting that he'd traded in his six-day-a-week in-person gym routine for the home-based workout after finding it challenging to exercise regularly in a mask.

"I'm working out at home more and I've been using the Tonal—which I was honestly skeptical of—and have come to really enjoy and love it."

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While the multitalented actor may be an avid exerciser, he's admitted in the past that, unless he's dropping weight for a role, he rarely deprives himself of the foods he loves. When asked by Delish about his eating habits in a 2018 interview, Harris admitted that he's an equal opportunity snacker.

"Peanut butter. I like almonds. I'm a big fan of a good crudité. Chocolate covered pretzels! Pineapple! Chips—I won't say no to chips. I'll snack on most anything," he explained.

neil patrick harris in green velvet and blue plaid suits respectively in front of green living wall
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However, Harris has credited his relationship with husband David Burtka, a professionally trained chef, with expanding his culinary horizons.

"In my 20s, I mostly ate burritos and nachos, with the occasional burger. It was my better half, David, who made me adventurous," Harris told Bon Appetit.

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