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The One Eggs Recipe Everyone's Making Right Now

Your breakfast didn't see this one coming.

After a year's worth of being confined to your home, do you feel like you've exhausted every omelet recipe? Or, have you found that the spices in your cabinet just don't give your morning eggs the flavor they need, and they rightfully deserve? Cue in the latest food trend: pesto eggs.

Aside from tuning in to one of the many cooking shows on the Food Network or scrolling through recipes online, TikTok has become the platform for driving new ideas. You can find everything from quirky kitchen hacks to beauty tips on there! TikTok user and registered dietitian Amy Wilichowski blew everyone's minds (and boosted her fanbase!) with her simple pesto egg recipe.

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"All you do is use pesto instead of the normal cooking oil that you cook your eggs in," she says in the video as she coats the small frying pan with pesto using a spoon. "You can do fried eggs, sunnyside up eggs, scrambled eggs, and the oil in the pesto will keep the eggs from sticking in the pan."

In the video, Wilichowski adds black pepper and red pepper flakes to the eggs as they're cooking for a little extra seasoning. Then, she spreads ricotta onto a thick piece of sourdough toast and tops it with half of an avocado and, of course, the pesto eggs. Finally, she drizzles honey, salt, and some more pepper and red pepper flakes onto the dish as a garnish.

The simple cooking video was first posted on April 26. Since then, it has received 1.5 million likes and 11.1 million views. Who would have thought pesto would be a great substitute for olive oil when cooking eggs? We've considered putting pesto on our eggs after we've already cooked them, but never have we cooked our eggs in actual pesto. Employ this hack this weekend—and throughout the summer—for a delicious, satiating, and super simple breakfast.

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Cheyenne Buckingham
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