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70+ Best Healthy Egg Recipes for Weight Loss

Looking to shed a few pounds, but sick and tired of that plain old egg scramble for breakfast?
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Eggs are considered one of nature's most complete foods. They're filled with protein while free of carbs and sugar. But when it comes to whipping up healthy egg recipes, some folks fear the calories that come from the yolk and opt to use only the egg whites. Our recommendation? Stick to the whole egg to get the complete nutritional benefit!

Egg yolks once had a bad rap for raising cholesterol, but recent research shows that the cholesterol in eggs won't raise cholesterol in the way we originally thought it did. Plus, yolks are rich in choline, a fat-fighting nutrient that also promotes cell activity, liver function, and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

When you're trying to eat healthy, eggs are an awesome go-to for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as just a snack. The key is to use the eggs in a variety of different ways by adding spices or seasonings and pairing them with loads of wholesome vegetables and grains.

Try these healthy egg breakfast recipes to turn that average breakfast into some not-so-basic egg dishes that you can eat any time of the day. And for more, don't miss these 22 Cozy Breakfast Casserole Recipes That Are Perfect for Weight Loss.

Sausage and Mushroom Frittata

Paleo sausage frittata with mushrooms
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

These Italian open-faced omelets are lighter than their American cousins since they're less likely to be loaded with cheese and more likely to be stuffed with vegetables. You're going to want to make this mushroom and sausage frittata recipe all the time.

Get our recipe for a Sausage and Mushroom Frittata.

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Broccoli-Cheese Eggs in a Mug

broccoli cheese eggs in mugs with forks
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

If you want to eat a nutritious breakfast but don't want to deal with the hassle of washing a bunch of cooking pans, this eggs in a mug recipe is perfect for you. It's for one serving, making it a great option for those weekday breakfasts when you just want to eat something and get out the door.

Get our recipe for Broccoli-Cheese Eggs in a Mug.

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Breakfast Burrito

Healthy breakfast burritos
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

By swapping out worthless white tortillas for whole wheat, swapping fatty pork sausage for the lean chicken variety, and adding fiber-rich beans and some fresh avocado, we've slashed the calories in half while increasing the overall nutrition (and deliciousness).

Get our recipe for Breakfast Burritos.

Savory Artichoke Feta Quiche

Vegetarian artichoke feta quiche
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Most quiches suffer the burden of excessive amounts of heavy cream and cheese—and often a trans-fat-laden crust. This quiche dispenses with the heavy dose of dairy fat and instead gets its flavor and substance from antioxidant-dense sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and lean chicken sausage.

Get our recipe for Savory Artichoke Feta Quiche.

Breakfast Tacos With Bacon and Spinach

Breakfast tacos with bacon and spinach
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Infectiously delicious, to be sure, but also a perfectly healthy start to your day, assuming you stick to corn tortillas, which have half the calories and twice the fiber of their flour counterparts.

Get our recipe for Breakfast Tacos With Bacon and Spinach.

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Muffin-Tin Quiches With Smoked Gouda and Ham

quiches with smoked gouda and ham on muffin tin with dish cloth and dried chili peppers
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Sure, you've used your muffin tin to make blueberry muffins, or maybe some pumpkin muffins when fall rolls around. But if all you're doing with a muffin tin is baking muffins, you're seriously missing out. These muffin tin quiches are so easy to make, and they put that muffin pan to good use.

Get our recipe for Muffin-Tin Quiches With Smoked Gouda and Ham.

10-Minute Baked Eggs With Mushroom and Spinach

Baked eggs with mushroom and spinach
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The little ceramic vessels are perfect for housing eggs, meat, cheese, and vegetables and then tossing in the oven. What emerges 10 minutes later is a perfectly cooked egg—whites soft but firm, yolk gloriously runny—surrounded by a tasty and filling supporting cast.

Get our recipe for 10-Minute Baked Eggs With Mushroom and Spinach.

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Sunny-Side Up Egg Pizza

sunny side up egg pizza
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

In this recipe, the slices are topped with sunny-side-up eggs, leeks, garlic, prosciutto, and both Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. This recipe isn't for those who are craving a typical slice, but if you're in the mood for something different that brings all the flavor, this is the pizza for you.

Get our recipe for Sunny-Side Up Egg Pizza.

Ultimate BLT Sandwich

Healthy ultimate blt
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Instead of being slathered in a sea of sauce, we chose to crown our BLT with a soft, oozing fried egg—the only condiment you need. It adds gooey goodness and a punch of protein you'll be glad to have.

Get our recipe for Ultimate BLT Sandwich.

Breakfast Hash With Sweet Potato and Chicken Sausage

Breakfast hash with sweet potato and chicken sausage
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

For years now, hash has carried a certain negative connotation, conjuring up images of either murky, over-salted slop eaten from a can or a group of hippies. The former can be made from any combination of protein and vegetables, and by replacing the beef with lean chunks of chicken sausage and the greasy spuds with crispy sweet potato nuggets and bell pepper, you end up with a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Get our recipe for Breakfast Hash With Sweet Potato and Chicken Sausage.

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Black Bean Omelet

Black bean omelet
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Why shell out your hard-earned dollars for an overpriced gut bomb when you can make something better, healthier, and cheaper at home in 10 minutes flat? And nowhere is that question more relevant than with omelets.

Get our recipe for Black Bean Omelet.

Caramelized Banana and Walnut-Topped Bourbon French Toast

Vegetarian french toast with vanilla bourbon caramelized bananas
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

How do you make French toast? You dip it in eggs, of course! Use up your leftover eggs and make this bourbon french toast, with a boozy banana and walnut topping.

Get our recipe for Caramelized Banana and Walnut-Topped Bourbon French Toast.

Veggie Scramble With Mushrooms, Spinach and Goat Cheese

Vegetarian shiitake, spinach & goat cheese scramble
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

For soft, extra-creamy scrambled eggs, make sure to turn the heat down and stir the eggs constantly and on a low heat so as to make sure they don't burn. This veggie scramble is a great meal, so healthy and filling that you could even make it as a side for a dinner dish as well.

Get our recipe for Veggie Scramble With Mushrooms, Spinach and Goat Cheese.

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Loaded Vegetable Frittata

loaded vegetable frittata in cast iron skillet with slice on plate and fork
Jason Donnelly

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses, plain and simple. But if you're getting bored of your typical hard-boiled eggs, this frittata recipe will help you spice things up. It's loaded with bacon and all kinds of veggies, plus a little cheese, salt, and pepper for maximum flavor.

Get our recipe for Loaded Vegetable Frittata.

Open-Face Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich With Chipotle Mayo

open face hot ham cheese chipotle mayo
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

In this hot ham and cheese open-face sandwich, we add chipotle mayo and eggs to give you extra protein with a kick. You won't even miss that other piece of bread!

Get our recipe for Open-Face Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich With Chipotle Mayo.

Sunrise Sandwich With Turkey, Cheddar, and Guacamole

Sunrise sandwich
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

We are firm believers in the splendors of the original Egg McMuffin, along with many of the other ready-to-eat breakfast sandwiches that have followed in its wake. But even the McMuffin can be greatly improved upon, which is exactly what we do here, subbing in lean turkey for Canadian bacon, adding lycopene-rich tomato, and crowning it all with a spread of heart-healthy guacamole.

Get our recipe for Sunrise Sandwich With Turkey, Cheddar, and Guacamole.

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Breakfast Pizza

Healthy breakfast pizzas
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Start with the ultimate breakfast bread—the fiber-dense whole-wheat English muffin—as your base and salsa as your sauce, then add eggs, ham, and cheese for flavor, substance, and plenty of protein. It beats an 800-calorie breakfast sandwich any day, and you get to tell everyone you know that you had pizza for breakfast.

Get our recipe for Breakfast Pizza.

Italian Hash With Eggs

plate of italian hash with fried egg next to skillet and water glass
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Is there anything more satisfying than a hearty breakfast hash? With crispy potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a nice fried egg, you can't go wrong with this filling morning meal. But this Italian hash takes things to the next level, with chicken sausage, banana peppers, kale, and Asiago cheese. And, of course, that picture-perfect fried egg really makes this dish.

Get our recipe for Italian Hash With Eggs.

Eggs Diablo

eggs diablo with taco shells in pan
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Sure, you could make hard-boiled or scrambled eggs for breakfast, but if you really want to kick things up a notch, why not try this recipe for eggs diablo? With crushed red pepper and fire-roasted tomatoes, along with green peppers and onions, this dish is bursting with flavor and nutrition.

Get our recipe for Eggs Diablo.

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Spinach and Ham Quiche

Low-calorie spinach and ham quiche
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The quiche is the ultimate culinary chameleon, not just because it can be made with dozens of different flavor combinations, but also because it is as good for breakfast with a cup of coffee as it is for dinner with a glass of red wine.

Get our recipe for Spinach and Ham Quiche.

Egg Sandwich With Pastrami and Swiss

Egg sandwich with pastrami and swiss
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The combination of pastrami and Swiss has long been confined to the realm of the lunchtime deli counter, but we think it works beautifully with soft scrambled eggs—especially because pastrami trounces both sausage and bacon in the calorie department. Give it a try.

Get our recipe for Egg Sandwich With Pastrami and Swiss.

Japanese-Inspired Egg Pancakes With Spinach and Green Onions

japanese egg pancakes spinach green onions
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

In this recipe, you'll find the egg pancakes stuffed with spinach, green onions, radish, garlic, and some rice vinegar, all sitting atop a bed of microgreens. It may seem like it's complicated, but trust us when we say it's not that difficult to cook up this very impressive vegetarian meal.

Get our recipe for Japanese-Inspired Egg Pancakes With Spinach and Green Onions.

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French Toast Stuffed With Strawberries

Healthy french toast with strawberries
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

At most places, the kitchen's stuffing technique takes a few pieces of thick bread and some fruit, and turns them into a dish with more than half your day's caloric allotment. But what if you stuffed your French Toast with some better for you, well…stuff? Done correctly, stuffing can actually be a nutritional boon: In this recipe, it adds a dose of low-cal protein, fiber, and all the energy-boosting vitamins from fresh strawberries and honey. Plus, it's simple enough to pull off, even on a weekday morning.

Get our recipe for French Toast Stuffed With Strawberries.

Deviled Eggs With Bacon

Healthy smokey deviled eggs
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

In terms of snacks and finger food and satisfying cravings in between meals, this Southern specialty is one of the healthier choices you can make. And as you know (or as you will see once you make this amazing deviled eggs recipe), the dish is hard to beat!

Get our recipe for Deviled Eggs With Bacon.

Savory Waffle With Ham and Egg

Healthy waffles with ham and egg
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The ingredients may sound like a strange combination, but stick with us! We know what we're doing. The flavors are nicely balanced and the portion size is perfect, if we do say so ourselves. Plus, most importantly, the nutritional profile of this savory waffle is just what you want for the most important meal of the day.

Get our recipe for Savory Waffle With Ham and Egg.

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Vegetable Frittata

spring vegetable frittata in black cast iron skillet
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Asparagus is high in potassium, and it's a high-nutrient, low-calorie addition to this frittata. The recipe also calls for four cups of fresh spinach, which comes out to one cup in each frittata serving. That'll give you a hefty dose of calcium and magnesium, as well as a little fiber. Combined with the protein of the eggs—you'll get two per frittata serving—this is one dish that will keep you full and give you plenty of energy. Dig in!

Get our recipe for Vegetable Frittata.

Red and Green Breakfast Salad

red and green breakfast salad in bowls with eggs and oil
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Who says you can't have salad for breakfast? With this red and green breakfast salad recipe, you can enjoy a crunchy bowl of veggies any time of day.

Get our recipe for Red and Green Breakfast Salad.

Curried Egg Salad

curried egg salad in pita pocket with spoon and bowl of spinach on wooden serving board with blue linen napkin
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

With 15 grams of protein, this recipe is a great option if you're looking for a filling, healthy lunch idea. And there's no stove or oven required—all you have to do is mix the ingredients together.

Get our recipe for Curried Egg Salad.

Denver Omelet

Vegetarian mile high omelets
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The classic diner omelet is an oversize envelope of eggs soaked in cheap oil and bulging with fatty fillers. The damage, with toast and hash browns: about 1,400 calories and 70 grams of fat. Our ode to Denver doesn't cut the cheese or the meat or even turn to Egg Beaters. No, this is just honest cooking with good ingredients in reasonable portions, exactly what an omelet should be.

Get our recipe for Denver Omelet.

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Asparagus Salad With a Fried Egg and Prosciutto

Healthy asparagus with fried eggs and prosciutto
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

This can be a warm-up to dinner (especially if you have guests over), or a light meal on its own. Better yet, double the recipe and freeze some for a busy week. Enjoy!

Get our recipe for Asparagus Salad With a Fried Egg and Prosciutto.

Healthy Smoked Salmon and Boursin Cheese Frittata

smoked salmon boursin frittata
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

This recipe is not only easy to make and ready in just a few minutes, but it really is a way to not only change up how you cook eggs, but also allow you to step outside a basic frittata dish, too, with the creative addition of the salmon and Boursin cheese.

Get our recipe for Healthy Smoked Salmon and Boursin Cheese Frittata.

Chef's Salad-Style Eggs on a Stick

chefs salad eggs on sticks with yogurt on white plate and gray background
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Don't let the grill have all the excitement! These chef's salad-style eggs on a stick have all the fun of grilled kabobs, without the need to actually fire up the grill. In fact, there's no heat required for this easy recipe—just build the skewers, and you're good to go.

Get our recipe for Chef's Salad-Style Eggs on a Stick.

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Steak and Eggs With Chimichurri

Paleo steak & eggs with chimichurri
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

This steak and eggs meal works as well at 11:30 a.m., as a cure for a hangover or post-workout hunger pangs, as it does at 8 p.m., as a remedy for a long day at work.

Get our recipe for Steak and Eggs With Chimichurri.

Takeout-Level Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetarian fried rice with a fried egg
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Eggs are normally scrambled directly into the rice, where they get lost in the jumble of grains and soy. We prefer a single, just-cooked egg on top of our vegetable fried rice, so you can break the yolk and dig in.

Get our recipe for Takeout-Level Vegetable Fried Rice.

Eggs in Purgatory

Healthy eggs in purgatory
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

These eggs in purgatory offer layers of intense flavors built around some of the healthiest ingredients in the pantry (tomatoes, garlic, whole grains, and, of course, eggs).

Get our recipe for Eggs in Purgatory.

Turkey-Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

turkey sweet potato breakfast hash in cast iron skillet
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

If you're looking for an easy way to add more vegetables into your breakfast routine, this sweet potato hash recipe is a perfect place to start. Packed with protein and fiber, this hash features sweet potato and green bell peppers, along with protein-boosting eggs and turkey sausage.

Get our recipe for Turkey-Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash.

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Breakfast Burritos

breakfast burrito cut in half on a plate ready to eat
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

Breakfast burritos (or breakfast tacos) tend to have the same types of ingredients in it. Scrambled eggs, maybe some small bits of potato, and typically a few slices of bacon. But you know what takes that burrito to the next level? Swapping out the bacon with chorizo.

Get our recipe for Breakfast Burritos.

Frittata With Arugula and Red Peppers

Healthy frittata with arugula pepper
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

At its core, a frittata is a crustless quiche that's both considerably easier to make and substantially healthier to eat. A win-win! A great breakfast item, this frittata is an absolutely perfect start to your day because once it's made, it's a nutritious and delicious ready-made meal ready and waiting for you right when you need it most.

Get our recipe for Frittata With Arugula and Red Peppers.

Paleo Chicken Ramen With Shiitake Mushrooms and Spinach

Paleo chicken ramen
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

A big bowl of ramen sounds like the perfect meal for a cold, rainy night, right? Well, if you're paleo, ordering a bowl of ramen isn't always an option. Nevertheless, a simple swap from noodles to zucchini noodles (also known as zoodles!) can easily solve that salty ramen craving.

Get our recipe for Paleo Chicken Ramen With Shiitake Mushrooms and Spinach.

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Paleo casserole shakshuka dish in a skillet with parsley
Rebecca Firkser/Eat This, Not That!

While shakshuka is already a protein-rich breakfast thanks to the eggs, if you want a bit of extra protein, ground lamb—or really, any ground meat you prefer—blends into the sauce seamlessly, adding a bit of extra oomph to this paleo casserole without changing up the overall flavor of the dish.

Get our recipe for Shakshuka.

Scrambled Eggs With Salmon, Asparagus, and Goat Cheese

Healthy scrambled eggs with salmon asparagus and goat cheese
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

This healthy scrambled eggs recipe has all the makings of hearty breakfast fare—butter, cheese, protein—but with healthy fats, fresh vegetables, and a light caloric toll. Serve it with a scoop of roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.

Get our recipe for Scrambled Eggs With Salmon, Asparagus, and Goat Cheese.

Frizzled Eggs and Sausage With Sauteed Greens

Keto frizzled eggs with fennel sausage on a blue plate
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

When carbs reign king in terms of easy breakfast options, finding filling breakfasts that fit a keto diet can be rather difficult, which is why this particular keto eggs recipe is the perfect plate to have you feeling full and ready for your day! It's full of protein and healthy nutrients that will have you feeling satisfied until lunch—or even beyond!

Get our recipe for Frizzled Eggs and Sausage With Sauteed Greens.

Eggs Baked in Cream With Prosciutto, Parmesan, and Basil

baked eggs in cream with prosciutto parmesan basil
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

This dish features butter, heavy cream, cheese, eggs, and prosciutto. Can you think of anything more appropriate for a keto breakfast? Plus, eggs are a staple of any healthy breakfast, especially if you're trying to make more health-conscious meal choices.

Get our recipe for Eggs Baked in Cream With Prosciutto, Parmesan, and Basil.

Ham and Cheese Omelet With Mushrooms

Crispy ham omelette with cheese and mushrooms
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Overstuffed omelets like those at IHOP are eggs at their worst, harboring more calories than a half-dozen doughnuts. Why not spend the five minutes at home for a healthier, tastier version you can whip up yourself?

Get our recipe for Ham and Cheese Omelet With Mushrooms.

Green Machine Veggie Casserole

whole30 veggie casserole with slice popped out
Posie Brien/Eat This, Not That!

This Whole30 veggie casserole is the perfect recipe to feed a hungry crowd in the morning without too much fuss, and gives you all the satisfaction of quiche in a lighter package.

Get our recipe for the Green Machine Veggie Casserole.

Zucchini Noodles With Bacon Vinaigrette

keto zucchini noodles in bowl with fork
Waterbury Publications, Inc.

This keto recipe gives us major pasta-for-breakfast vibes (which is something you can definitely do). Creamy from the poached egg, peppery from the radish slivers, and bacony from the, well, bacon, it's a symphony of flavors similar to those in spaghetti carbonara.

Get our recipe for Zucchini Noodles With Bacon Vinaigrette.


breaking into a cooked omelet on a grey plate
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

We spoke with a New York City chef to learn how to make the best omelet out there—and the results did not disappoint! Here's how to flip the best omelet ever.

Get our recipe for an Omelet.

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Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Tacos

breakfast tacos recipe on a plate
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

These breakfast tacos are incredibly easy to throw together when you need dinner in a pinch.

Get our recipe for Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Tacos.

Whole30 Breakfast Burrito

whole30 breakfast burrito on a white plate wrapped in a collard green
Posie Brien/Eat This, Not That!

Here, we swap out the tortilla for collard greens, using them to wrap a savory, hot filling of potatoes, peppers, and scrambled eggs. With so many filling vegetables and eggs inside this Whole30 breakfast burrito, you won't even miss having the tortilla.

Get our recipe for Whole30 Breakfast Burritos.

Crunchy Breakfast Salad With Eggs

breakfast salad with eggs on pink plate and marble background
Carlene Thomas/Eat This, Not That!

This breakfast salad has a crispy texture thanks to snap peas, radishes, and cucumbers, and adding walnuts is a great way to add healthy fats to your breakfast and curb cravings later in the day.

Get our recipe for Crunchy Breakfast Salad With Eggs.

Plant-Based Lentil and Kale Tots Casserole

lentil veggie tots hot dish in cast-iron pan with eggs
Carlene Thomas/ETNT

Tater tots are a childhood favorite, and luckily there's been a proliferation of other types of veggie puffs on the market that are just as delicious as the original. We've used these new veggie tots as inspiration to build a healthier, plant-based casserole, one that can be enjoyed for breakfast. It includes lentils, eggs, a layer of gooey cheddar, and perfectly spiced onions.

Get our recipe for Plant-Based Lentil and Kale Tots Casserole.

Egg & Herb Frittata

egg and herb frittata in skillet and on plate
Rebecca Firkser / Eat This, Not That!

This brightly-colored frittata is based on the Persian dish Kuku Sabzi, which literally means whipped eggs and herbs. Though Kuku Sabzi are traditionally served during the Persian New Year celebration Nowruz, there's nothing stopping you from making one for breakfast today.

Get our recipe for Egg & Herb Frittata.

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Plant-Based, Grain-Free Breakfast Burritos

plant based breakfast burrito on white plate
Carlene Thomas/Eat This, Not That!

This cleaner burrito version uses a ground plant-based faux meat mix instead of real meat, black beans, eggs, and a cassava flour tortilla.

Get our recipe for Plant-Based, Grain-Free Breakfast Burritos.

Deviled Eggs 12 Ways

numerous deviled egg combinations all on a marble counter
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

When it comes to summer barbecues or large backyard gatherings, there are a few staple side dishes that are a must: Potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, and of course, deviled eggs. Those beautiful little eggs are always a crowd-pleaser. But instead of mixing egg yolks and mayonnaise for the filling, why not get creative with some fun deviled eggs recipe combinations for your next party?

Get our recipe for Deviled Eggs 12 Ways.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Twice baked sweet potato breakfast with egg
Courtesy of Homemade Hooplah

These twice-baked sweet potatoes are sure to fill you up in the morning. They're filled with hearty sausage and cheese to make your taste buds go wild! If you're looking to cut back on the calories, switch to nut milk and substitute sausage for ground turkey. These sweet potatoes are just as tasty and these swaps increase your nutrient intake.

Get the recipe from Homemade Hooplah.

One Pot Spicy Eggs and Potatoes

one pot spicy eggs and potatoes
Courtesy of Pinch of Yum

A savory breakfast is made to keep you full all morning. If you're a breakfast potatoes lover, this healthy egg recipe is sure to get your appetite's attention. You'll enjoy every bite of a crispy potato combined with creamy goat cheese and spicy sauce. Potatoes are often seen as a comfort food, but they are also packed with potassium, fiber, and Vitamin B6, which is known to help build cells, increase brain cell and nervous system activity, and is necessary for the breakdown of glycogen.

Get the recipe from Pinch of Yum.

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Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos
Courtesy of Camille Styles

If you are someone who loves their Mexican food and can bury their plate in hot sauce (and I am!) this taco is no joke. The added touch of the fresh cilantro seasoning makes for the ideal meal to keep you feeling nice and light. Plus, there is avocado, which has monounsaturated fat to help reduce bad cholesterol levels and can lower your risk of heart disease.

Get the recipe from Camille Styles.

Healthy Crustless Veggie Quiche

healthy crustless quiche
Courtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction

Lose the crust and lose the pounds! This crustless quiche is one of our favorite egg recipes because it is loaded with veggies and spices for a lightened-up version of the breakfast classic. The addition of cheese to nearly anything and everything is also an easy way to enhance flavors and stave off hunger. The option to swap out the dairy milk with almond milk will lower the sugar intake and increase protein even more!

Get the recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction.

Sunny Side Up Beet Hash

egg and beet breakfast hash
Courtesy of love and olive oil

Beets are usually a deep pinkish purple color and can really brighten up a plate. Often, the beet greens are forgotten about when cooking, but they add an earthy flavor to any of your go-to egg recipes and have a similar crunch to kale. Beets are low in calories and high in fiber that helps in digestion. As for the beet greens, they are filled with tons of vitamins and nutrients with beneficial health properties—vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese—just to name a few. A little disclaimer, though: Beets are #21 on our list of foods that kill your sex drive.

Get the recipe from Love and Olive Oil.

Easy Spinach Artichoke Quiche Cups

Spinach artichoke quiche cups
Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

You may have seen a spinach-artichoke dip with its usual pairing of pita chips or pumpernickel bread, but why not ditch the extra carbs and up the wholesome ingredients? Here's a low-calorie, high in fiber and protein spin on the normally useless dip. These quiche cups are like savory muffins that are fun and easy to grab on the go or pack as a midday snack! If you're all about egg recipes, you might want to know what happens to your body when you eat eggs!

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

Sofrito Egg Scramble

Sofritos egg breakfast
Courtesy of Running to the Kitchen

Sofrito is a simple Latin sauce that typically consists of a variety of flavorful, aromatic ingredients and adds tang to any dish! There's something about the blend of spices that come together so perfectly to make this meal feel like more than just your average scrambled eggs. Layered on a piece of whole wheat or Ezekiel bread with a few slices of avocado, these eggs will have you bikini ready in no time!

Get the recipe from Running to the Kitchen.

Baked Eggs with Shredded Chicken and Salsa

Baked Eggs with Shredded Chicken and Salsa
Courtesy of Real Food By Dad

Skip the usual ketchup topping and check out one of our easiest egg recipes yet! All of the ingredients are in the name. The salsa and chicken can both be store-bought (unless you're the overachiever type and want to make some delicious homemade salsa) and divided into four bowls and baked. At only 133 calories per bowl, the chicken and eggs—both loaded with protein—sit alongside a fresh salsa that brings out a vibrant flavor.

Get the recipe from Real Food by Dad.

Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast

poached eggs on avocado toast
Courtesy of Pinch of Yum

Okay, yes, avocado toast is amazing and how could it get any better? How about poaching an egg to top the toast? There is nothing quite like when the yolk of a poached egg breaks open and drips down the side of the bread. Fun fact: Poaching an egg has also been found to be one of the healthiest ways to cook an egg. Why not pair it with a slimming, antioxidant-rich cup of green tea to boost your metabolism, too?

Get the recipe from Pinch of Yum.

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Crispy Hash Breakfast Skillet

Crispy Hash Breakfast Skillet
Courtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction

Here's an amped-up version of your basic side dish of hash browns (talk about boring egg recipes!). Switch out the plain potato for their distant relative sweet potato to get the extra sweetness and added health benefits. Sweet potatoes have calcium, potassium, and vitamins C. They are also extremely rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is effective in raising blood levels of vitamin A. Go ahead and make enough for leftovers and you'll be all set for a few days.

Get the recipe from Sallys Baking Addiction.

Light Egg Salad

Light egg salad
Courtesy of Cooking Classy

Egg salad can typically seem like a heavy dish, usually using loads of mayonnaise that contains a high amount of sugar. We recommend following this recipe, but swap out the excessive mayo for some protein-rich Greek yogurt. Without losing any of that original flavor, this version of the classic egg salad won't have you feeling like you need to loosen your belt buckle.

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Grilled Potato Salad with Almond-Basil Chimichurri and 7-Minute Eggs

grilled potato salad with almond-basil chimichurri and 7-minute eggs
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Forget the mayo and try out this almond-basil chimichurri! This earthy dish is one of our favorite egg recipes because it's filled with crunchy, crispy potatoes, asparagus, and topped with savory seasonings. The creamy dressing adds for the final touch you'll be looking for.

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Healthy Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Sweet Potato Hash, Eggs, and Black Beans

Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Sweet Potato Hash and Black Beans
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This low- sugar, high-fiber breakfast burrito is ideal for freezing and reheating at any time of the day. It's a great way to replace a fast food joint burrito with something wholesome and nutritious! Using whole wheat or Ezekiel tostadas lower the sugar intake and add some amazing flavor.

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Braised Kale with Egg

Egg Recipes Braised Kale and Egg

Here, you can cut back on the fat by using a more lean meat like turkey bacon. Make sure you check the label, though; many brands still load their turkey bacon with additives. Try something like Applegate Farms Natural Turkey Bacon. Kale can sometimes taste bitter if it hasn't had enough added to it or massaged first, but here it's cooked and seasoned with enough tasty ingredients to make you forget you're eating kale. Also, ditch the toast completely if you are looking to cut the carbs or switch to something like Ezekiel bread with no sugar and all-natural ingredients.

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Vegetarian Cobb Salad

vegetarian cobb salad
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The traditional Cobb salad is served at almost every deli and restaurant there is, but this is not your traditional cobb salad. This meatless salad included garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas) that are cooked in liquid smoke to taste like bacon. Okay, now we're talkin'! The garbanzo beans, while tasting delicious, also add a good amount of nutrients and are low in saturated fat, deeming this one of our healthiest egg recipes.

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Easy Kale Feta Egg Toast

Easy Kale Feta Egg Toast
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Kale is in high demand. Why? This green superfood is one of the most nutrient-dense foods out there. Pairing kale with the creamy, tangy feta neutralizes the bitter flavor and results in a luxurious tasting meal. The drippy egg yolk then adds loads of flavor and texture that you just can't beat.

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Microwave Coffee Mug Eggs

Egg Recipes Microwave Coffee Mug Eggs[/media-credit]

This may seem like an average breakfast, but if you're looking for a quick and easy way to get your protein in the morning, this is it! This recipe is only three ingredients and ready in under five minutes from start to finish. Swap the cheese for some Italian seasoning to give it that extra kick!

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Baked Eggs in Stuffed Peppers

baked eggs in peppers
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Stuffing peppers are an easy and efficient way to add in more veggies to your diet while making the dish even tastier (and fancier!). This is an inventive way to serve eggs that proves eating healthy can taste good, too.

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