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Popeyes Plans To Open 200+ Locations This Year, Including a Special One Here

The beloved chicken chain is expanding domestically.

This year, Popeyes is celebrating its 50th year in business and will be expanding its domestic reach with hundreds of new locations.

The legacy chicken chain just announced major growth plans for Canada and the United States, that will bring more than 200 new restaurants to the two territories by the end of 2022. This will put the chain's domestic footprint at over 3,000 locations.

About half of the new openings will feature a double drive-thru geared toward a faster and better customer experience. Not to mention, the chain is unveiling a new store design, complete with new kitchen layouts and back-of-house technology—upgrades that will allow the brand to seamlessly serve a greater influx of customers and digital orders.

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And while the locations of these new restaurants are still under wraps, the chain did confirm several new openings in New York City—one of which will be a new flagship store in Times Square. A standout in terms of design and new technology, this Popeyes will feature innovations guests haven't seen before, including self-order kiosks, a two-story food transporter for upstairs dining, digital order ready boards, and even a merchandise store. Its opening is scheduled for June.

popeyes' 2022 kitchen design
Courtesy of Popeyes

And while this year will be a big one for the chain's growth, Popeyes had a busy 2021 as well. It opened 208 new locations across Canada and the U.S., and took its chicken into new territories with a first-ever location in the United Kingdom. It also signed deals for inaugural locations in France, South Korea, India, and Romania, which will be opening this year. Other countries that can look forward to more Popeyes locations are China, the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka.

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