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Rebel Wilson Reminds Us We're Not Defined By Our Weight

After revealing that she'd gained weight on vacation, the actor posted an important message.

In case you missed it, Rebel Wilson has been in the news lately. Her 75-pound weight loss journey has been in the public eye for over two years, and now that she's reached her goal, she works hard to maintain what she's achieved.

A source told US Magazine on July 5 that Wilson is no longer "working with a trainer day-to-day anymore to lose more weight as she's reached her goal. She's focused on maintaining the weight she's lost and feeling comfortable in her skin."

The Senior Year star aims to inspire her followers to change their lifestyles by making healthier choices. She advocates for mindful eating, reducing the consumption of inflammatory foods, and improving gut health.

As so many of us have at some point, Wilson recently revealed that she'd gained about six and a half pounds. The weight gain appeared during her summer vacay with girlfriend Ramona Agruma, and her experience served as a healthy reminder to all of us that it's OK to indulge in the things we love on vacation without feeling guilty. There's no shame in getting derailed from time to time.

The 42-year-old actress shared how she feels about the change in an Instagram post, saying, "I just noticed I put on 3 kg's on my holiday. I'm at an amazing all-inclusive resort…I've lost all self-control. But you know what? I can get up tomorrow and go to the gym, and hydrate and eat healthy and love myself," the star explained. "It doesn't help to be hard on yourself, but I know what it's like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much. But if you're like me, just know YOU are more than just your weight; your weight doesn't define you, just try your best to be healthy and don't be so hard on yourself. Be the best version of you."

Fans and friends of the actor left comments on the post, expressing love and generous support for the star.

A few days later, Wilson took to IG in a video post as she took a dip in a Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort Belek pool. She flaunted her usual brilliant smile alongside a "floater" of decadent breakfast items.

The mansion breakfast included fresh green and orange juices, fresh fruit plates, croissants, and other glorious, healthy bites. It's good to see that the actor isn't taking herself too seriously. She feels confident and beautiful in her skin, setting an undeniable example for body positivity. We could all take a page from her book.

Shaye Glisson
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