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Ree Drummond Reveals the Four Things She Did to Lose 48 Pounds in 8 Months

The celebrity chef's weight loss plan is simple enough for anyone to follow.

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, has lost an incredible 48 pounds since January, transforming her body and her relationship with food along the way. However, with cooking—and eating—being essential components of her livelihood, adhering to a restrictive diet wasn't feasible for the star. Instead, she followed four simple steps that helped her shed the pounds and keep them off.

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She counted calories.


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To lose the weight, Drummond made sure she was counting calories and watching her portion sizes.

However, in a new TikTok, Drummond revealed that she had used no special foods, nor had she incorporated intermittent fasting into her routine. "Those things work for a lot of people, but they just stopped working for me after a while."

She increased her protein intake.

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While Drummond admitted that she didn't stick to a keto or paleo plan to shed the weight, she did significantly increase the amount of protein she ate.

To do so, the star revealed that she bumped up her daily protein intake to account for approximately 35% of her daily calories.

She exercised and built muscle.

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Drummond found a type of exercise she enjoyed and stuck to it. "I used the rowing machine probably five days a week," she explained.

To build muscle, she also did a combination of lunges, squats, straight leg deadlifts, and upper body exercises using hand weights. "I feel sooo much stronger," she added.

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She sat less.

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To ensure that her weight loss was sustainable, Drummond not only prioritized workouts, but increasing her activity level on the whole.

"I went on long walks with my dogs," she explained. "I didn't expect to feel this good at 52, but I'm loving it!"

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