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These Are the Exact Foods Ciara Ate to Lose 39 Pounds

The star transformed her body in under a year with these healthy comfort foods.

Ciara has made a major transformation over the past year, losing a staggering 39 pounds since welcoming her son Win with her husband, NFL player Russell Wilson, in July 2020. However, it wasn't a restrictive diet or bootcamp-style exercise program that helped the "Level Up" singer reach her weight loss goals. The star joined the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) program to lose the weight, and recently shared the foods that have been integral to her slim-down journey.

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She started each day with the right mindset.

ciara smiling in front of bowls of food in instagram screenshot
© Ciara / Instagram

With a busy career, a husband with an equally busy work schedule of his own, and three young kids at home, finding a program that was easy to follow was essential for Ciara in terms of staying consistent.

"Mindset has been everything for me this time around. I knew with three kids, during a pandemic, this journey was going to look a little different for me and I'm glad I had WW as my partner. This last year has taught me that we're all stronger and more capable than we've ever imagined," she explains. "I've just stayed focused on doing my best, staying positive, and keeping my faith strong. My advice to others? Embrace the process. Even if it feels like it's taking longer to get there, stay the course! Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and give yourself a little grace in the process. You will get there!"

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She keeps indulgences on the menu.

large waffle with powdered sugar
© Ciara / Instagram

To ensure she doesn't feel deprived, Ciara has made a point of incorporating some of her favorite sweet treats, like powdered sugar-dusted waffles, into her regular routine.

On August 10, the singer posted a photo of one such confection to her Instagram Stories, reveling in the fact that the treat had just 10 SmartPoints.

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She recreates her favorite takeout foods.

avocado tacos in instagram screenshot
© Ciara / Instagram

While takeout can be a minefield when it comes to dieting, Ciara has managed to recreate some of her favorite restaurant orders with healthier ingredients and in smaller portions.

The singer recently shared a photo of a plate of two avocado and lettuce-topped tacos to her Instagram Stories—a meal she's posted regularly to her account during her weight loss journey.

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She makes vegetables a priority.

arugula salad and a mushroom crostini on white plates in instagram screenshot
© Ciara / Instagram

Vegetables are a great way to fill up with few calories—something Ciara's become quite adept at doing while following the WW plan.

On August 10, the singer posted a photo of one of her favorite five-point WW meals: an arugula salad with lemon and parmesan paired with a mushroom and goat cheese-topped crostini.

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She keeps her favorite "cheat foods" on the menu.

rotini pasta with crab and broccoli in instagram screenshot
© Ciara / Instagram

One of the things Ciara says she loves most about WW is that there's no such thing as a cheat day—with a bank of extra weekly points that users can use for higher-calorie fare, there's no guilt associated with the occasional indulgence.

Perhaps that's why the star was so thrilled to share a photo of her rotini with crab, broccoli, and parmesan—a food that might be off-limits on other plans due to its higher calorie count. "Love that WW allows for flexibility!" she captioned a photo of the dish.

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