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This Beloved Regional Grocery Chain Is Opening Up Two New Superstores Soon

You may be getting one of these popular one-stop-shops near you.

With 258 superstores in six states including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, one regional grocery chain is now one of the largest privately-owned companies in America. And then this year has been looking good for regional supercenter Meijer as it follows a pair of openings in Ohio late in April and another two openings in Michigan and Indiana.

The new supercenters in West Branch, Mich., and Fort Wayne, Ind. are slated to open on May 12 and both will be 155,000-square-feet. Even though they won't be up and running for another month, each has a Meijer Express gas station that is already open for customers to use.

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The new Meijer stores will have grocery, fresh produce, bakery, meat and deli departments, floral sections, and garden centers. Additionally, pharmacies, pet supplies, electronics, toys, sports, and apparel departments will be available, according to announcements from Meijer.

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"Local residents and new customers have been incredibly welcoming every time we open a store in our home state where the supercenter was born," said Meijer Regional Vice President Jason Beauch in a press release about the Michigan location. "We look forward to opening the doors for our new neighbors in West Branch."

Last month, Meijer unveiled plans to open two new supercenters in northeastern Ohio, the first in almost a year. The stores will open in Brunswick and Canton, Ohio on April 28.

It's no wonder the chain is expanding—its one-stop-shopping concept has been a success in Midwest. The supercenter is known for having an extensive variety of grocery options, including many USD-certified organic items and a full-service meat department. New stores now feature a pharmacy and general merchandise items found in specialty stores, according to Progressive Grocer. New departments include an expansive pet and baby department as well as women's apparel and beauty care.

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