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4 Restaurant Favorites at Costco and Other Grocery Stores Right Now

Skip the reservation and head to the nearest supermarket instead.

Some restaurant chains have dipped into the grocery world in the past, with over a dozen fast-food locations opening up inside supermarkets like Walmart and Kroger. But we've also seen chains offer up some of their most beloved dishes at these supermarkets, too, so fans can enjoy them from home.

Several new options have made their grand entrances recently and are now available at Costco and other grocery stores nationwide. Here are all the details. (And for more on what to expect during your next shopping trip, here are 6 Things You'll See at Costco This Year.)

Panera Mac & Cheese

Costco Panera Mac & Cheese

Costco members on Instagram are super excited after Panera's staple Mac & Cheese was spotted at a warehouse recently by the account @costcohotfinds. The pack of two 24-ounce tubs of the dish is $10.99, which some say is quite cheap.

"This is a great deal because it's so expensive at other stores!!!," one person comments on the post. Another notes they separate it into eight portions. Doing this makes each one $1.37 each. For reference, one small serving is $4.99 at Panera locations.

This pack can be found in the refrigerated section in the warehouse but is currently sold out online.

Red Lobster Honey Butter Buscuits

Red Lobster Grocery Honey Butter Biscuits
Courtesy of Red Lobster

Fans of Red Lobster's biscuits can make them at home using flour, garlic powder, buttermilk, cheddar cheese, and a few other ingredients, but the restaurant chain is making it even easier with mixes that only require butter and water. Several varieties are available at grocery stores across the country, like Gluten-Free, Rosemary Garlic Parmesan, and the traditional favorite, but there's another being added to the list.

The Honey Butter mix "combines Red Lobster's secret recipe guests know and love with a new signature honey butter seasoning blend that is sure to elevate any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner," the chain tells Eat This, Not That!. "And the hit of sweet also makes it a great dessert option, trust us!"

White Castle Sliders

White Castle Chicken & Cheese Sliders Grocery
Courtesy of White Castle

Thirty-five years ago this burger chain made its debut in supermarkets. In March 2022, White Castle celebrated the sale of 6 million sliders in grocery stores after record numbers in 2021 in addition to the launch of the Chicken & Cheese Slider late in the year. The frozen sliders join the Original, Classic Cheese Sliders, Jalapeño Cheese Sliders, Chicken Breast Sliders, and the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Slider in grocery stores.

Before becoming available in supermarket freezer sections, the Chicken & Cheese Slider was only sold at White Castle locations.

Junior's Cheesecake

Costco bakery

Junior's is a staple at Costco, and different versions of its cheesecake show up in the bakery section from time to time. From the original cheesecake to mini versions, members love them. And right now there is a fresh flavor to check out.

Thanks to the luck of the Irish, several Costco Instagram accounts have seen the Irish Cream Cheesecake at warehouses just in time for St. Patrick's Day, including @costcobuys and @costco_empties. The 3-pound dessert is refrigerated and costs $16.49.

This may not be the only treat available, though. Here are 4 Costco Bakery Items That Could Be Coming Soon For Spring.

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