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Shake Shack Is Launching Two Major New Items Today

This is a gourmet pairing you won't want to miss.

Shake Shack is not about being underwhelming when it comes to new menu releases. The "gourmet" fast-casual chain has long prided itself on serving high-quality burgers with a fine dining mentality. And its new releases fall in line with the highbrow appeal.

Starting today, Shake Shack is serving a new Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger and a matching Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich.

The items both feature a sweet and savory bourbon bacon jam, which uses bacon that is smoked for six hours over real hardwood applewood. The jam has Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon as a key ingredient, which is known for its smooth taste and notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak. According to Shake Shack, the jam is sweet and savory with woodsy and smoky flavors and a bit of heat.

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Shake Shack bourbon bacon burger
Shake Shack

Additionally, both the burger and the chicken sandwich will be topped with white cheddar and served on a toasted potato bun. The burger will feature crispy shallots while the chicken sandwich will have pickles.

While the items will officially be available at all Shake Shack locations on Friday, May 6, fans can get early access starting today, May 3, by placing an order through the Shack App. The Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger starts at $8.49 and the Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich starts at $8.09.

And to ensure you don't miss any of its limited-time offers, the chain has started doing a "last call" on Twitter, highlighting limited-time items that are leaving the menu. Currently on their way out? The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Spiced Fries, which were being phased out in late April.

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