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Subway Is Bringing Back These Menu Items After Angry Complaints

The popular sandwiches were removed from the menu in June.

When fast-food chain Subway decided to remove the rotisserie chicken sandwich and the roast beef sandwich from its menu last year, customers and even operators were baffled by the decision. According to some employees, the rotisserie chicken sandwich was, in fact, one of the chain's top-selling items, so the decision to discontinue it while keeping some less popular items on the menu seemed odd.

The sandwiches were removed from menus in June, and while an official reason was never given for the move, the fact that rotisserie chicken and roast beef were two of the most expensive proteins on Subway's menu may have had something to do with it, according to Business Insider.

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In the wake of months of complaints and requests to bring one or both items back, many in the form of Tweets aimed at the chain, Subway has finally relented. The chain confirmed that the sandwiches will be returning to their restaurants this summer. Franchise owners are hoping their return will quell what one owner called "horrendous" customer reaction to the menu changes last year.

While the roast beef and rotisserie chicken sandwiches are the favorites of many, neither tops the list of the best Subway sandwiches on any of more than half a dozen reviews surveyed for this article. A ranking of Subway sandwiches by Mashed declared the Spicy Italian "the best sandwich sold at Subway." Thrillist and Time Out also called the Spicy Italian sandwich the best one on offer, while Urban Matter chose the classic Turkey Breast as their top pick.

At present, Subway has 15 sandwiches on its menu along with 15 "Signature Wraps," though some of the menu items are temporary, such as the Bacon Tatum sandwich, named for NBA star Jason Tatum, according to Chew Boom.

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