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Taco Bell Is Adding a New Menu Item Starring This Fan-Favorite Ingredient

And for just a buck!

Remember how potatoes are back at Taco Bell? The fast-food chain reinstated the beloved ingredient several weeks ago (after unceremoniously cutting it from the menus last year). And it turns out they're doubling down on potato creations, too. Besides the Spicy Potato Soft Taco and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, the menu is also gaining another potato-centric item: the Beefy Potato-rito.

And the latest offering from Taco Bell looks as craveable as it sounds. Wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, it's loaded with crispy potato bites, seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and creamy Chipotle sauce. The best part? You can get all of this food for just $1. (7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone Is Talking About)

beefy potato-rito taco bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

The Potato-rito hits menus nationwide on April 15, but don't wait to try one. Unfortunately, it's a limited-time offering, meaning it won't be around for long. If you just can't handle the nine-day wait, you can get early access to the Potato-rito right now if you become a Taco Bell Rewards member.

Taco Bell also announced earlier this year that it would partner with Beyond Meat on an "innovative new plant-based protein that will be tested in the next year." This marks the brand's first foray into plant-based meat in the U.S., where it joins chains like McDonald's and Dunkin', which already have partnerships with Beyond Meat.

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