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4 New Items Are Hitting Taco Bell's Menu This Week

Several fan-favorites are back!

It's a big week over at Taco Bell, as three new items are making their way onto the fast-food chain's menu, either for the very first time or in a victorious return. First and foremost: the potatoes are back!

Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and Potato Tacos

taco bell potato taco
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Today marks the official nationwide return of two potato-forward Taco Bell items, the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and Potato Tacos. Moreover, potatoes are a welcome vegetarian option that can spawn plenty of customization options. For example, swap them in for any protein or add them to a Bean Burrito or a Crunchwrap Supreme.

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taco bell quesalupa
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Another beloved oldie but goodie that's back is the Quesalupa. We haven't seen this item at Taco Bell since 2016, but this cheesy chalupa has been majorly upgraded to include 50% more cheese. While the crispy shell will be heftier, its insides are staying the same and feature the tried-and-true blend of signature Taco Bell flavors: Seasoned beef, crispy lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, and sour cream.

Wild Strawberry Lemonade Freeze

taco bell strawberry lemonade freeze
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Last but not least, a new beverage joins Taco Bell's Freeze lineup. The Wild Strawberry Lemonade Freeze is meant to invoke the summer vibes of the '50s, as the slushie features a retro combo of lemonade and strawberries.

"It feels carefree, with an up-for-anything, youthful twist. It's Wild Strawberry jazz and swing with Lemonade folk and rhythm & blues. Sure, all are pretty great by themselves. But together, absolutely groundbreaking," is how Taco Bell describes the new beverage addition.

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