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These In-office Workouts Will Seriously Enhance Your Day, Expert Says

Boost your energy and improve your focus.

Whether you work at home or in an office, there are great exercises on TikTok that can inspire you to stay fit in any work environment and totally enhance your day. You heard that right! Many employees have started heading back into the office for an all-week or hybrid work week situation, and desk workouts are the latest rage. In fact, the trend has received more than 3.5M views on TikTok. Read on to learn more about the in-office workouts that'll seriously upgrade your day, and next up, don't miss out on The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Go into each week with a well-rounded workout plan you actually enjoy

woman stretching doing an in-office workout

We spoke with Brooke Kemnitz, Corporate Facility General Manager at Exos, a coaching company that assists top athletes and millions of office workers with in-office exercises you can perform—even if you only have a limited amount of time in which to do them.

Kemnitz explains, "It really depends on what you feel you value [the most] and require that day. Every individual is going to have different physical and mental needs, and it is important to listen to your body and mind and format your in-office routine to cater to those needs." She adds, "My best recommendation is to build out each week with a well-rounded plan, just as you would vary your diet with carbs, protein, fats, and micronutrients. So a couple of days a week, perhaps you focus on strength-building exercises, some days focus on mobility and recovery, and other days focus on conditioning. [Keep] in mind that doing activities you enjoy is going to keep you accountable."

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Tabata is a great option for those with a gym at the office; and if you don't, opt for a mobility flow

woman doing tabata in-office workout

Some employees are lucky enough to have a gym in their office facility. If you're in that group, Kemnitz suggests, "If you have a gym at your office, Tabata is a great option (20 seconds hard work, 10 seconds recovery for 8 rounds). It is extremely efficient and packs a lot of work into a short period of time."

No worries if you don't have that benefit or if taking a shower or having to change outfits won't work for you. If that's the case, Kemnitz recommends doing a mobility flow, advising to concentrate on compound movements—ones that are functional and encompass all ranges of motion.

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In-office workouts provide you with an energy boost, improved focus, and meaningful social connections

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The reason why in-office workouts have gained popularity is the fact that everyone is super busy and constantly on the go. Kemnitz tells us, "After a tough couple of years, we have recognized a huge problem with burnout in the workplace. If you are someone who has to go into the office and has resumed a commute, you may find you have less time to devote to a fitness routine. An in-office workout also provides a boost of energy and focus. Taking a break during your workday for exercise helps to release endorphins and get blood pumping through the body. It is a great way to disconnect from the computer screen, refresh the mind, and in addition, make some meaningful social connections with those who value health and fitness within your workplace as well."

They also relieve any stress you're dealing with during the workday

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Squeezing in a workout at the office is beneficial in so many ways. Research has proven that even a quick exercise in your day will result in more focus, memory, concentration, and productivity. You will actually have better performance at work and in your life. "Personally, the stress relief alone is enough to keep me consistent throughout the week. My mood is noticeably better when I squeeze in a walk, some stretching, or a short circuit to my workday," Kemnitz shares.

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