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Trader Joe's Is Opening Up New Stores In These Areas

But some of the locations' opening dates are still a mystery.

When it comes to this neighborhood grocery store's signature charm, if you know, you know. And if you don't, you might not have a Trader Joe's in your area. This cult-favorite food retailer makes its shopping experience feel like you're browsing the aisles of a toy store rather than gathering groceries for your weekly meal plan, with a smorgasbord of new arrivals, fun seasonal items, and steadfast staples for your kitchen.

Those without the privilege of a nearby TJ's can rest assured that the company has been consistently expanding its reach across the U.S. in the past year, and they will continue to set up shop in new cities into 2022. We have all the latest information on the upcoming store openings for the beloved grocer—Trader Joe's fans, take note.

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Just Opened: Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

trader joe's exterior
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It's been in the works since July, and now it's finally arrived: the first Trader Joe's in the Harrisburg region, according to Penn Live Patriot-News. "We have an awesome crew that is ready to welcome our customers and we've been fortunate to receive a warm welcome from the neighborhood," company spokesperson Nakia Rohde told the local news outlet,

This 569th location opened its doors on March 31, armed with a 90-person employee team and decorated with artwork of local landmarks, such as the Market Street bridge, the Capitol building, the Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat, and Broad Street Market.

Coming Soon: Yorktown, New York

trader joes exterior

It's official—Yorktown will be getting their own Trader Joe's. The company recently confirmed what Yorktown News suspected in May 2021, to the eager anticipation of consumers.

"I think we're so excited that, once again, we're attracting a national brand to the town of Yorktown," the Town Supervisor Matt Slater told Yorktown News. "It's a big boost to our local community. It's a big boost to our economy. And it's something we've heard time and time again from residents that this was something they wanted here."

While the store listing on the website says the opening date is to be determined, the building developer Breslin Realty told the news source they're targeting to cut the ribbon in "early summer."

Coming Soon: Parker, Colorado

trader joes
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The residents of Parker heard the news about this one back in February 2021… and so far, they're still waiting to see it. A February 2022 opening was speculated, but the Parker Chronicle reported on Feb. 8 that the construction of the building's interior and exterior is currently underway. The next step would be to receive a certificate of occupancy, according to town spokesperson Andy Anderson.

The store hasn't announced a date yet. While this location will sell beer, the news source reported that it will not contain a wine selection, as there are other liquor stores nearby. Colorado already houses seven Trader Joe's Groceries and two Trader Joe's Wine Shops.

Coming Soon: Miami, Florida

trader joes aisle

Miami has been enjoying TJ's private-label goods from surrounding locations—such as Pinecrest and Miami Beach – but this would be the first in midtown Miami.

According to Miami New Times, the store interior had shelving materials and built-out checkout desks in view, as of late January 2022. There's still not a confirmed date for when store number 794 is set to open to customers, but it will be carrying a full beer and wine display.

Coming Soon: Santa Monica, California

trader joes
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There's been talk of a third Santa Monica TJ's opening up at 500 Broadway in 2022. It would be one store in a seven-story development called The Park, containing residential living space, retailers, and a four-level parking garage, Santa Monica Daily News reported last year.

While the Trader Joe's website confirms the new location, there have yet to be any further announcements on the store's progress.

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