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This New Fruit Is Coming to Your Grocery Store Soon

You're going to want this for your summer fruit salads!

Good news, berry lovers: You're going to have a new type of strawberry to include in your fruit salads this summer.

Strawberries are a key component of any fruit salad, and now, Driscoll's fruit company has announced the release of a new type of punch-flavored berry called "tropical bliss."

This brand-new berry reportedly "combines the classic flavor of sweet berries and light flavor notes of tropical punch, pineapple, and passionfruit." With a natural white and yellow hue, they are intensely sweet at first and are "balanced by a refreshing finish," the fruit brand said in a press release.

driscoll's new berries

This isn't the first time the brand has released a new variety of strawberry. Also available at grocery stores this season are the Driscoll's rosé strawberry, which is light pink and peachy, and the sweetest batch strawberry, which is an all-natural, extra-sweet variety.

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"With more than 70 years of strawberry breeding expertise, Driscoll's has one of the largest R&D Centers dedicated to proprietary varieties," said Philip Stewart, Driscoll's Global Strawberry Breeding Director. "Creating only the finest berries is core to our innovation strategy, and we look forward to continuing to provide our consumers with quality, high-flavor berries."

Driscoll's is the world's market leader in fresh berries with more than 900 independent growers around the world. The company develops patented berry varieties using only natural breeding methods with no GMOs.

A large team of plant experts helps grow baby seedlings and then transfer them to local family farms. The company now serves people year-round across North America, Australia, Europe, and China in over 22 different countries. You can find the tropical bliss strawberries at participating grocers nationwide. Visit the Driscoll's website to find a store near you.

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