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Try This 20-Minute Walking Workout to Get Fit and Burn Fat, Says Trainer

Need a new home workout? Try this heart-pumping routine from the comfort of your living room.

Who couldn't use another great home workout right about now? If walking is your thing—and, if it is, good for you, as there's no shortage of science showing that taking more brisk walks every day is an excellent way to stay fit and even lose weight—consider this new gem of a workout from Johanna Sophia, a personal trainer, kinesthesiologist, and fitness influencer.

The routine utilizes basic movements such as walking in place, punching air, and high knees. It requires zero equipment and focuses on a singular goal: Getting your heart rate up. "It won't bother your neighbors and you can even do while your baby is sleeping in the next room," adds Sophia.

If you watch the video, you'll see that the routine is entirely low-impact, meaning that it's safe for your joints and comes with a very low risk of injury. We're talking cardio here, and your focus will be burning fat, sweating, and keeping your heart rate up. As Sophia instructs, you can listen to her music or mute her and fire up your own.

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Sophia, who hails from Toronto, first gained attention in fitness circles in 2018, when she revealed that, as a former bodybuilder, she struggled with an eating disorder as she prepared for fitness contests, slashing her calories drastically and hitting the gym three times a day. She fell into a depression.

"Eventually I realized that I needed to stop but I was so deep in the competition world and the superficial bubble that it took a long time to figure it out," she told The Daily Mail. "At the worst of my eating disorder, I was super-light and was making myself sick at least once a day. I was consuming the low-calorie diet that my coach put me on but also was binge eating junk food—whatever sugary or fatty food I could get my hands on."

After turning her attention away from competition and to her own well-being—and starting a 100-day squat challenge—she steadily gained her weight back. She noted to The Daily Mail that she follows the 80-20 rule of eating. "'I eat intuitively and allow myself treats when I really want them."

Today, she's amassed 489K Instagram followers 383K YouTube followers.

If you're in the market for a new at-home routine, consider giving this one a go. After all, your body will thank you. For further proof, see What Walking for Just 20 Minutes Does to Your Body, According to Science.

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