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Walmart Employee Shares Which Products Are Seeing Price Hikes in Viral Video

"I'm blown away every time I do price changes."

You're not alone if you noticed higher price tags on popular products during a recent trip to the supermarket. Pantry staples like chicken, coffee, eggs, and pork just got more expensive—but those aren't the only price hikes you should have on your radar.

However, it's not only grocery shoppers who are reacting with surprise to rising bills. One employee at Walmart just went viral on TikTok for highlighting recent upticks in prices.

The viral video was posted by TikTok user on Feb. 3 with the following caption: "I'm blown away every time I do price changes." then proceeded to show old price tags for Ghridelli chocolate sauce and paper plates being replaced by new ones. In case you were wondering, both items went up in price by $2.

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I'm blown away every time I do price changes😳 #fyp #inflation #economy #whendoesitstop #pricechange

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To date, the clip has more than 1.5 million views and more than 100,000 likes. In addition to being widely shared, the video has 5,000+ comments. "It just feels expensive to walk out of the house," one individual commented.

"This is why I haven't been going out as much," another person wrote in response to the video.

"This hurts," someone else said, with the original poster responding: "Yes it does, and prices are sadly not going down."

In another video posted on Feb. 7, showed price increases on tomato soup (about $0.20), baking powder (about $0.40), stuffing (about $0.50), and dog food (up by $2). But there was a twist—the caption said, "At least we end this one with a small price drop!" The item that got cheaper was a gallon of water, which went down from $1.12 to $1.08.

Though grocery bills remain high, there are several smart ways to save, including swapping out some of your typical purchases with cheaper options, investing in reusable items, and more. Check them out here.

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