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This One Beer Is The Secret to Living 100 Years, Says a 106-Year-Old

This centenarian says America's oldest beer is a daily part of her diet.

It sounds like a long, healthy life might not be all about swearing off treats and forever avoiding alcohol. A nearly 107-year-old Pennsylvania woman reportedly credits one unexpected habit—a beer a day—with her longevity. But not just any beer!

Keep reading to learn the beer brand some media outlets are referring to as the real fountain of youth. Also, don't miss Eating Habits to Lower Your Cholesterol, According to Dietitians.

Special Delivery

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Courtesy of Yuengling

Margaret Dilullo, a woman from the Reading, PA area, received a special shipment on Thursday when representatives from Yuengling arrived at Dilullo's home.

The Yuengling team included Debbie Yuengling, a sixth-generation member of the brewery, who presented Dilullo with multiple cases of Yuengling beer. It seems the Yuengling team traveled from their Pottsville, PA headquarters, which lies about an hour away from Dilullo's home.

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A Loyal Patron

Philadelphia's CBS3 reported that the Yuengling crew showed up to "show appreciation for [Dilullo's] loyal support over the years."

WBRE-TV reports, "Dilullo shared the secret behind her long, healthy life—she says drinking a Yuengling lager every day."

The outlet quoted the Yuengling fan saying, "If I want a beer, I have a beer."

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There May Be Something to It…


While overdoing beer drinking (or just about anything) isn't likely to be beneficial, recent reports have indeed suggested that the compounds in some beers, including non-alcoholic brews, can do your body good in a number of ways. Read 4 Major Effects Drinking Beer Has on Your Health, New Study Says.

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Maybe This Is the Key

Senior African American Couple Exercising In Park

The Queen of England, who's 95, also recently revealed that she has alcohol every day—even up to 4 cocktails in 24 hours! But, as Margaret Dilullo's one-beer-a-day routine suggests, maybe one secret to a healthy life is balance and moderation. Check out The Easiest Way to Live Longer, Says Science.

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