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The #1 Workout for a Tiny Waist, According to a Trainer

This workout for a tiny waist will help you reach your body goals.

Your time is valuable at the gym. When you have an end game in mind, it's important to have the right routine at your fingertips so you can make your time productive. If you're looking to achieve a smaller waistline, we have a fitness routine for you from Victoria Brady, a personal trainer on Fyt, the nation's largest personal training service that makes fitness under the expert guidance of an in-person or virtual, certified fitness professional convenient and accessible for anyone. Read on and learn about the #1 workout for a tiny waist that will help you reach your body goals.

"This workout fuses elements of cardio to get your heart rate up and target fat, [in addition to] strength training to target the waist/tummy muscles," Brady tells us. All you need to get going is a yoga mat, water bottle, and towel. Perform this routine at least two times a week to enhance your results.

Workout: Do each of the below movements for 30 seconds, taking a 15-second break to rest in between exercises. Plan on completing 3 to 4 rounds of each circuit in your routine, stopping to rest for 1 minute between rounds.

Read on to learn the specifics about the #1 workout for a tiny waist, and next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Circuit One (30 seconds x4) starts with the High Knee Runs

fit woman performing high knees

Start this move with your feet hip-width distance apart. Bring your left knee up to your chest. In a quick motion, switch legs, and raise your right knee up to your chest. Continue to perform this movement pattern, switching legs as quickly as you can. Brady says to move your legs "at a runner/sprinting pace."

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Jumping Oblique Twists

woman jumping twist, part of the workout for a tiny waist

The Jumping Oblique Twists begin with your feet together. Lift both of your arms up to shoulder height, then clap both hands together. Make sure your body remains facing forward, then jump off the floor about 3 to 4 inches, and turn your feet to the left. When you land, jump up once more, and while doing so, rotate both feet to the right. Alternate at a fast pace back and forth.

Mountain Climbers

woman performs mountain climber exercise as part of weight loss workout

Position yourself on your yoga mat for this one! Start your Mountain Climbers by bringing your left foot into your chest while holding a high plank position. Hold your hands directly under your shoulders while keeping both feet together. Quickly switch over to your right leg by bringing your foot into your chest. Make sure your core stays activated and your torso stays straight.

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Circuit Two (30 seconds x4) starts with the Bicycle Crunch

bicycle crunches

For the Bicycle Crunch, lie flat on a yoga mat, making sure your lower back is pressed to the floor. Keep both knees bent and your feet flat. Bring your hands to the back of your head, and keep your elbows wide. Bend both knees upwards to form a 90-degree angle. Then, Brady instructs, "Bring your right knee to your chest and touch your left elbow to it. Alternate the crunch by touching the left knee with the opposite elbow. Ensure your shoulder blades are raised off the floor, so your abs are working instead of your neck/arms."

Leg Raises with Hip Lift

woman doing leg raise, demonstrating workout for a tiny waist

While lying on your back, keep your feet together and your legs out straight for this exercise. Continue keeping your legs straight, then bring your legs up to the sky until your glutes raise off the floor. Gradually bring your legs back down until they are directly above the ground. Pause momentarily, and repeat the movement by lifting both legs back up to the sky.

Hip Twist

woman doing pushup plank, exercise to get rid of belly jiggle

Get ready for the final exercise in this workout for a tiny waist. Start the Hip Twist in a standard plank position. Place your elbows on the floor, and make sure to keep your core muscles tight and your back straight. Next, twist your left hip to the yoga mat, and slightly touch it. Return to the plank position, and twist your right hip to the ground. Then, come back to the plank position.

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