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Oreo Is Dropping 2 Exciting New Cookie Flavors—And One Will Fill You With Nostalgia

Both new cookies are inspired by classic desserts.
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Oreo has been busy in 2024, unveiling several different cookie flavors over the past two months. And now, the brand is continuing to expand its offerings with two new Oreo flavors: Dirt Cake and Tiramisu Thins.

Both new cookies will be available starting Monday, March 4. While the Dirt Cake Oreos are a limited-edition release that will be available nationwide while supplies last, the Tiramisu Thins are a permanent addition to Oreo's product portfolio.

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The new Dirt Cake Oreos draw inspiration from the classic childhood dessert typically made with pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms. The new flavor features two chocolate wafers sandwiching a layer of brownie-flavored creme stacked on top of chocolate creme with Oreo wafer crumbs. The cookies also have colorful gummy worm-inspired sprinkles on top of them.

dirt cake oreos
Courtesy of Oreo

"Imagine pulling up to the school function with these," Oreo wrote on Instagram yesterday, announcing the product's launch. Social media users flooded the comments section to express their excitement about the new cookie flavor—and bask in their nostalgia.

"That took me back to my childhood," one Instagram user wrote. "Oreo baby this is so creative!!! A+ work!!" another one commented.

For the tiramisu fans, the new Thins feature Oreo's classic thin cookies sandwiching a layer of tiramisu-flavored creme. "Coffee lovers stay winning!" Oreo wrote in the caption of a TikTok video announcing the new product. Other Oreo Thin options include Mint, Extra Stuf, Golden with vanilla creme, Golden with lemon-flavored cream, and of course, the original Oreo flavor.

tiramisu oreo thins
Courtesy of Oreo

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In addition to Dirt Cake and Tiramisu, Oreo recently unveiled its new limited-edition, galaxy-inspired Space Dunk cookies. These cookies have pink and blue marshmallow-flavored creme with popping candies. The chocolate wafers also have space-themed cutout designs that preview the colorful creme filling.

To celebrate this new release, Oreo is giving customers the chance to take a six-hour "journey to the edge of space" through its Lift Off with Oreo sweepstakes. Fans can enter this contest by scanning the QR code on the cookie's package or by visiting until April 5. 

Before the rollout of the Space Dunk cookies, Oreo dropped three new flavors at the beginning of January. These include Gluten-Free Golden Oreos, Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters, and limited-edition Black & White Cookie Oreos.

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