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This Vegetable Is the Newest Vegan Milk

Whether you're a vegan, sensitive to dairy, trying to lose weight, or just straight up think the taste of milk is nasty, there's a brand new alternative you're going to want to try!

Plant-based milk is all the rage these days. From almond and rice milk to soy to coconut beverages, there's no shortage of non-dairy milk options at the supermarket. But it's Ripple Foods' new pea protein-based milk that's taking over the health food scene in a big way. Pea-based protein powders have been growing in popularity recently, so it was only a matter of time until the powerful green veggie would become available in milk form, too. And when we call it powerful, we're not kidding; a one-cup serving of pea milk carries eight grams of protein—which is exactly what you'd find in an equal serving of cow's milk. For some perspective, conventional almond milk varieties have just one measly gram of the muscle-building nutrient. Ripple also has less saturated fat than almond milk and 50 percent more calcium. The very best part, though, is that it actually tastes like milk! To avoid that icky pea taste, the startup company developed a way to separate the healthy parts of the pea from the part that produces the flavor and color that some people find off-putting. It also has a creamy, silky texture that's similar to classic milk—an additional perk!

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Another added bonus: Pea milk is better for the planet than other popular milk options. It takes 1,000 gallons of water to produce a single gallon of milk and 1,100 gallons of water to produce just one tiny almond. Pea milk, however, has a considerably smaller water footprint, using 96 percent less water than almond milk and 99 percent less H20 than dairy milk to produce a carton.

So, is this new alternative an "Eat This!"? We're going to go ahead and say yes—so long as you stay away from the sugary-flavored varieties. Want to get your hands on a carton? This must-try beverage will be hitting Whole Foods shelves May 2 in select locations. And once you bring home your bottle, we suggest enjoying the stuff in your overnight oats, cuppa Joe, or chia seed pudding. Yum, yum, and yum!