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10 Pi Day Deals That are Mathematically Proven to Rock Your World

The only way to celebrate infinite digits is with infinite pie consumption.

Math nerds and sweet tooth-ers are not mutually exclusive groups, but for a single day a year, they come together in celebration of good deals: March 14 aka Pi Day.

Named for its date, Pi Day honors the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and the Greek symbol used to represent that number. π, which is pronounced "Pi" in English, is always the same number, regardless of the size of the circle: 3.14159 (plus two-quadrillion more digits). The way restaurants nation-wide celebrate the holiday, however, is not as consistent.

This year, we rounded up 10 Pi Day deals that are exponentially better than the rest. Whether you're an A+ math student or you simply love dessert, these discounts will take your March 14 from a 3.14, to a 5.



7-11 pi day
Courtesy of 7-11

Just like you can always rely on the digits in Pi, you can count on 7-Eleven to unleash the greatest discounts. An entire pizza goes for just $3.14 this Pi Day, while slices are $0.50. Come through!


BJ's Restaurant

bjs pi day
Courtesy of BJ's

BJ's is also interpreting "pie" as pizza this Pi Day, offering their mini one-topping pizza for $3.14 (you'll be seeing this price tag a lot).


Blaze Pizza

blaze pizza pi day
Courtesy of Blaze

Quite possibly the best pizza deal in the game this March 14, Blaze Pizza is practically handing out their 11-inch pies. The 'za goes for $3.14, but there are a couple of stipulations: first, you can't get them until after 3:14 p.m. local time, and second, the deal is only available through the restaurant's mobile app.

UPDATE: Given the current coronavirus precautions, Blaze Pizza is replacing its in-store promotion with an app one. All app users will receive the $3.14 pizza reward in their app starting Monday, March 16, redeemable through the end of the year at their convenience. Guests should make sure to download the Blaze Pizza app by 11:59pm PST on Sunday, March 15 in order to automatically receive the new Pi Day reward.


Boston Market

boston market chicken pot pie
Boston Market/Yelp

Like any good mathematician would, Boston Market is factoring in other versions of pie. On 3/14, they have a buy-one, get-one deal on their chicken pot pies, which have Pi symbols baked into the crust.


DoorDash and MOD Pizza

MOD pizza pi day
Courtesy of MOD Pizza

This dynamic duo got nerdy with their Pi Day deal, and we love it. On Pi Day only, when you spend $3.14 on DoorDash, you'll get a free 11-inch MOD Pizza with "infinite toppings"—a nod to Pi's infinite nature.

Technically, MOD is offering 30 toppings to mix and match, but, in pizza terms, that's basically infinite. However, supplies are limited at 5,000 free pizzas, so spend that $3.14 quick.

Rumor has it there is also a $314 DoorDash credit for MOD Pizza giveaway in the works—more information on that will be tweeted by DoorDash on March 14.


The Fresh Market

fresh market pi day
Courtesy of Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is multiplying your opportunities to celebrate Pi this March 14. They're offering $3.14 off their nine-inch apple or cherry pies, and the same discount on chicken pot pies. The choice is yours: bakery or deli?


Lou Malnati's Pizza

lou malnatis pi day
Courtesy of Lou Malnati's

Arguably the restaurant that interprets "Pi" in the most universally loved way, Lou Malnati's is selling their Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza for just $3.14 when you dine in on Pi Day. The pizzeria nailed this deal—Cookie Pizza might just be the common denominator between us all.


Marie Callender's

marie callenders pi day
Courtesy of Marie Callender's

The renowned pie-maker couldn't let this holiday go by without getting in on the fun! When you purchase any adult entree on Pi Day, you'll get a free slice of pie to wash it all down.


Papa John's

pieology pi day
Courtesy of Pieology

The big Papa in the pizza game is also feeling generous this Pi Day: buy one large pizza, and get a second large, one-topping pizza for a fraction of the price—$3.14, to be exact.



And finally, Pieology. Any customer can get a second Artisan Thin Pizza for just $3.14 on March 14, when you buy one full-price. For Pie Life Rewards members, the algorithm is more complex. Not only will you receive $3 off your next visit when you use the rewards app in-store, but you'll also be entered to win free pizza for the year if you download the app on Pi Day. So many ways to celebrate!

This Pi Day, whether you're a pizza-lover or a pie fanatic, there are plenty of ways to observe. For the super (co)efficient, you could even hit a 'za deal for dinner and a pie deal for dessert. In the name of math and all things nerdy, we won't judge.

And, another variable to throw in the mix this Pi Day—you could consider making your own masterpiece. Check out this article for homemade pie inspiration.

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