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Pizza Hut Is Adding Sirloin Steak To the Menu

Sirloin steak is front and center on two new menu items from the beloved pizza chain.
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Most consumers likely wouldn't think of Pizza Hut as anything other than a destination for quick, convenient pizzas and breadsticks. After all, "pizza" is front and center in the name of this familiar brand. However, Pizza Hut could become your next go-to for cheesesteaks with the imminent debut of two new menu items that will bring grilled sirloin steak to menus nationwide for the very first time.

These two new items won't feature the kind of cheesesteak that most consumers know and love. In true Pizza Hut fashion, the brand is bringing those iconic flavors to its pizza menu and the popular line of handheld Melts.

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One of these brand-new offerings is the Cheesesteak Pizza—starting at a suggested price of $13.99—that's topped with sirloin steak strips, alfredo sauce, green bell peppers, onion, and parmesan oregano.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Pizza
Pizza Hut

The other cheesesteak-inspired menu item is the Cheesesteak Melt, expanding the line of other Melts options that all feature cheese and toppings encased in a crispy crust and come with a side of dipping sauce. The new Melt—starting at a suggested price of $6.99—features sirloin steak strips, melted cheese, and other "savory toppings." It's finished with butter and parmesan oregano seasoning and served with ranch sauce for dipping.

Pizza Hut Cheesesteak Melt
Courtesy of Pizza Hut

"Using top-quality ingredients, these new Cheesesteak offerings deliver a unique taste profile with great value. Whether in our classic pizza form or the crispy handheld Melts, our new grilled sirloin steak is a must try," Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut U.S., said in a statement.

The new Cheesesteak Melt could be a particularly lucrative boost for Pizza Hut since the company has already reported promising success with the Melts line since it debuted in October last year. The CEO of Pizza Hut's parent company Yum! Brands revealed during an earnings call earlier this year that the handheld menu items were a big driver for sales, attributing their popularity to budget-friendly price of $6.99 and convenience for customers who don't want to shell out for a whole pizza.

The two new cheesesteak items will be available for a limited time starting tomorrow, May 2, but Huts Rewards members will have early access today when ordering through the Pizza Hut app. Tomorrow's debut follows up the highly-anticipated relaunch in February of the Big New Yorker, a nostalgic pie that gained a huge fan following when it debuted in the 1990s.

Coinciding with the cheesesteak launch, Pizza Hut is also continuing a partnership with the Los Angeles pop-up eatery Chain, which offers elevated versions of menu items from chain restaurants. On May 19, 20, and 24, Chain is hosting Pizza Haute's Dinner Series in West Hollywood where guests will be able to enjoy new Tri-Tip Supreme, Classic Pepperoni, and Vegetarian Supreme pizzas created by renowned Chef Tim Hollingsworth. Any guests interested in attending the event series in West Hollywood should text Chain at 323-310-4642 for a reservation.

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